Armors or " Protections " are covered in this page. There are a total of 9 types of armors found in the game. These armors offers overall protections, as well as protection against blunt damage and cut damage. But wearing too many will weigh you down, reducing mobility and overall attack damage.




The total damage given by a move with a weapon is split between blunt and cut damage.

The weapon define this repartition.


The Mobility acts as an attribute and depends on your equipped weight.

Mobility impacts movement speed and Stamina. Attacks can deal more damage with a better Mobility.


You can be disarmed if you take too much damage in a row.






Name Description
Prospect Mask Given by Guides to those who come to Towerpoint with empty hands. Some say the broken eye was made in homage to Simeon's scars.
Shabu Guard Mask Each one has two faces, and sometimes more.
Tear Chief Mask Battered iron and straw hair, this makeshift mask was originally part of the armor of a Tearan warchief
Terra Cotta Mask Simple but delicate. Would break easily had it not been enchanted.

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