Jinn Mesca

Prime Disciple of The Golden Bottle


Adalian Columbary

Tower of Adal

Hunting Path

Combat Style


Jinn Mesca is a Boss in Absolver.


Jinn Mesca Information

Jinn Mesca spawns once the player reaches level 25 or becomes a Absolver.

After defeating him a doorway in the coliseum is unlocked allowing you to  meet Rakkio to join the school of the Golden Bottle and learn the stagger style .



  • Adalian Columbary - Between the Adalian Columbary and the Tower of Adal, in a small clearing.
  • Tower of Adal - Climb the stairs next to the shrine, and he will be sitting on the bridge.
  • Hunting Path - In the dirt patch, next to a cairn.



Jinn Mesca is one of the harder NPCs in the game, primarily due to his high health, unusual skills, and high cut damage, after he draws his sword. High cut resistance is recommended, and skills that dodge high attacks tend to work when he's unarmed.

Because of his fairly unique and varied skill set, he's a commonly farmed enemy. When learning his sword moves, it's recommended to bring a weak sword to the fight and drop it, as his sword is much more impressive.





  • Doesn't need to be defeated to complete the game.
  • When defeated a door in the coliseum opens, which takes you to the stagger style teacher.
  • The mask he wears is quite a rare drop.


    • Anonymous

      08 Sep 2017 01:28  

      Anyone else experiencing a glitch where the loot will appear on the ground but when you pick it up you get nothing?

      • Anonymous

        04 Sep 2017 18:29  

        There are actually 3 spots you can find him, 1 in the usual spot, past the big arena on the walkway in the Tower of Adal, one on the way to the Tower of Adal from the Adalian Columbary. Both of those show his name and label like usual, but the last on is in the muddy spot in hunters path, where he seems like a usual npc

        • Anonymous

          02 Sep 2017 22:26  

          beat this guy, i dont know how many times, and i still cant get a good drop like the mask. the grind is starting to get real haha

          • Anonymous

            01 Sep 2017 08:30  

            Can't find him in any of the specified areas and I've defeated every boss and interacted with the door. Other areas or just glitched?

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