Anime is stupid and I hate it. Every time I think I've finally found the one good anime, it ruins itself with dumb weeb*****.

A genius narcissist finds a magic book that can turn him into a mortal version of the god of death. He decides to rule the world as a god by destroying all the people he sees as immoral, but he's being chased by another genius narcissist working for the good guys. We watch the elaborate and cutthroat mind games the two play with each other. BETTER HAVE A SUBMISSIVE J-POP IDOL LICK HIS BOOTS AND TELL HIM HOW SEXY HE IS EVERY OTHER SCENE. BETTER HAVE HIM THROW THE BOOK AWAY, THE ONLY THING HE CARES ABOUT, TO SAVE HIS FATHER WHO'S ONLY EVER BEEN A PAWN TO HIM, BECAUSE KIRA IS A KAWAII ANIME PROTAGONIST AND NOT AN MEGALOMANIACAL MADMAN.

The last humans on Earth are holed up in a walled city, defending themselves against an enemy that they have no hope of defeating. Only the Rangers can fight them, but every victory is Pyrrhic, just one more shuffling step towards extinction. The walls are their only defense, and we quickly learn that it's not going to be enough. Humanity is face-to-face with oblivion. LOL ACTUALLY ITS ABOUT A TEAM OF TEENAGE MECH PILOTS THAT FIGHT MUTANTS AND EVERYTHING INTERESTING ABOUT THE SETUP IS A LIE.


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