Ama Saba


Bird Callers Outpost

Combat Style


Ama Saba is a Boss in Absolver. Also known as the Thrid Marked One.


Ama Saba Information







  • She will sometimes spawn leaning over a desk with a sword on top of it. If she does, when initiating combat with her, she will fight you using the sword on the desk.
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    • Anonymous

      03 May 2018 23:20  

      Does anyone else find this marked one decently difficult even after fighting her multiple times? It gets easier after every attempt, but sometimes the attacks still connect with me, unlike a lot of other marked ones.

      • Anonymous

        12 Sep 2017 11:55  

        Not sure what kinda bug led to this, while playing in online mode (on PC) I walked into her spawn room, and there were 5 of her ready to beat me into the floorboards.

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