Ama Saba


Bird Callers Outpost

Combat Style


Ama Saba is a Boss in Absolver. Also known as the Third Marked One.



Ama Saba uses Windfall as her fighting style, often dodging the player's (or players') attacks. After a successful dodge, she will attempt to start her own combo with Ankle Stamp, which can be countered easily if the player predicts the timing correctly. It is advised to often feint attacks to confuse Ama Saba into attempting a dodge, in which the player can punish using their own attacks.

Her most commonly-used combo transitions from Ankle Stamp → Wallop Blow → Uramawashi → 360 Tornado Kick. It is important to know how to counter these attacks using the player character's fighting style to avoid an accidental break of guard due to lack of stamina whilst attempting to block through it.






  • She will sometimes spawn leaning over a desk with a sword on top of it. If she does, when initiating combat with her, she will fight you using the sword on the desk.
  • Uses Exhaust during the battle.
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    • [quote="Anonymous"]Happens to me every time[/quote]
      Just observe her carefully and be cautious, counterattacking is your best friend in this fight. Wait until she messes up or you take advantage of one of her moves and then get hits in. Also, remember to feint a lot of attacks. ♥

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone else find this marked one decently difficult even after fighting her multiple times? It gets easier after every attempt, but sometimes the attacks still connect with me, unlike a lot of other marked ones.

        • Anonymous

          Not sure what kinda bug led to this, while playing in online mode (on PC) I walked into her spawn room, and there were 5 of her ready to beat me into the floorboards.

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