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Bridgemaster is an NPC in Absolver.


Bridgemaster Information




  • "To become an Absolver, you will have to prove your worth, and defeat Risryn in the Hanging Gardens of the Tower of Adal.
    But first, you must beat Kuretz in the Coliseum, Kilnor and her brother Cargal in the old bird house,

    And the six Marked Ones roaming the City and the Forest.
    Only then will the Stone Gate of the Imperial Tower open.
    This headstone will show your remaining targets.
    Beware of these foes: they will not be defeated easily..."
  • "After the Downfall, some of us wanted to completely destroy the city, but Simeon decided against it.
    He wanted it to be a reminder of the folly of men.
    It was only much later that Raslan became the training grounds for Absolvers."

  • "This city used to be the center of the world, shining bright and clear.
    But its masters were blinded by greed... they didn't heed our warnings
    ... and Anlek's wrath befell upon them."




  • The player cannot engage in combat with the Bridgemaster.
  • The Bridgemaster will disappear after you've completed the main storyline.


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