Cargal & Kilnor

Cargal & Kilnor


Adalian Columbary

Combat Style

Cargal: Forsaken

Kilnor: Kahlt

Cargal & Kilnor are the second major Bosses in Absolver.



 Cargal and Kilnor will fight you at the same time. It is best to line them up, so that they may hit each other when they try to attack you. Both switch to swords once one of their health bars gets below 25%.






  • Cargal and Kilnor can be fought again once you reached Combat Trials Level 20, and again at Level 50.
  • There is an achievement for having one kill the other.


    • Anonymous

      30 Jul 2018 03:18  

      Kargal is good for farming a Forsaken sword move that was hard to find elsewhere. The move is called Ram Thrust. It comes after a Winged Back Kick. It can be hard to prompt her to use it, but this was the best place to farm it that I could find.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jul 2018 23:48  

        Don't let being outnumbered intimidate you- You can easily overpower one then the other, the only thing that makes them harder than Kuretz is the fact its two people with a "Fair" amount of health between them both. Beating one fast enough will prevent the other from drawing their sword until they hit roughly 50% HP or until there is a long pause in the fight.

        Also, depending on your stance, it is more beneficial to ensure Cargal goes down first, to avoid the extra damage he can inflict over his sister.

        • Anonymous

          10 Sep 2017 00:45  

          advise for getting the betrayal trophy.

          Weaken one to the point of one hit killing them, don't attack the other twin (damaging them both too much will trigger them to pull out swords and make getting the trophy more dangerous as swords do chip damage through your guard). Circle strafe both twins and when they are close together start dodging between the two of them, the idea is to trigger them to attack.... them simply pray to RNGesus for the healthy twin to hit the near dead one! good lucK

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