Dried Essence Shard

Dried Essence Shard







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Dried Essence Shard is a type of Sword in Absolver.


Dried Essence Shard Information


A blunt sword with no grip, that can be disarmed quite easily. Made of dried essence, that will react to incantations no longer.



Where to Find\Location

  • Can be bought for 1,000 fragments in the Essence menu of an Altar after reaching Combat Trial level 50
  • Random drop from Rift Disks



  • Mythical rarity
  • Available in gold for 5,000 fragments at an Altar after reaching Combat Trial level 100
  • ??


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    • 15 Apr 2018 18:20  

      Also notable as *the* training sword! If you want to train a friend - or a stranger - with some of your moves, I'd strongly recommend using this weapon. Given that your friend is likely to be wearing some cut-heavy gear for your training, you can pretty much minimize collateral damage using this - and the low cost and high durability means you'll likely be able to keep going for a while.

      • 13 Apr 2018 19:55  

        While a bit heavy and lacking in cutting damage, Dried Essence Shard is actually nothing to frown at. Having the lowest cost out of all summonable swords, it's also sporting very decent range and is quite sturdy. If you find yourself struggling with maintaining a sword and the River Gladius' shard cost and weight are too much for your build, this one is a decent enough choice instead. Also, this seems to be the most frequent out of all sword drops - very easy to acquire, as such.

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