Faejin is a Combat Style in Absolver. It is in the Downfall dlc as part of the player versus enemy game mode. it is the second of the two fighting styles that can not be initially chosen.


Faejin Method

Stat point efficiency grades

Strength - B

Dexterity - B

Vitality - D

Endurance - B

Will - E




Faejin Method


This combat style blends defense and offense, featuring percussive strikes and fluid power. Various defensive abilities depending on stance make it an advanced style for experienced Absolvers.


Difficulty :



Ability: Special Movements

While in either back stance, pressing left, right, or back key for defensive abilities will make the player strafe in that respective direction. Afterwards, stance is brought forward. Activating left, right, or back in forward stance with defensive abilities will make the player parry in that direction as well as counter with an attack. In forward stance, pressing up with defensive abilities makes the player throw a stopping attack.

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