Forest Dweller Mask









Forest Dweller Mask is a type of Armor in Absolver.


Forest Dweller Mask Information


Reflects the habits of Newforest hunters, hiding by night to catch their prey.



Where to Find\Location




  • Worn by the third marked one.
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    • Anonymous

      20 Sep 2017 23:58  

      *As of 1.6, this mask - along with any of those worn by Marked Ones - are confirmed as drops.*

      The masks need updating.

      • Anonymous

        01 Sep 2017 07:01  

        I think it could potentially be possible to have 3MO drop this. The drunken fist boss who wears the hive bone mask dropped his mask for me after my second time fighting him. May be a better idea to just get it through pvp though.

        • Anonymous

          31 Aug 2017 08:41  

          There is a CHANCE to get this mask from pvp, but it's very rare. I farmed for hours and got this triangle mask while my friend got the wood dweller mask and the gold upside down mask. Another friend of mine got the hand mask from pvp as well. The chance is very low. I know cause I'm level 101 in combat trials legitimemtly. Yes. It took me hours.

          • Anonymous

            30 Aug 2017 22:29  

            Iron pineapple got the mask as a drop after a 1v1. Its seems to be random maybe? @ 1:25:30

            • Anonymous

              30 Aug 2017 21:47  

              Its possible that you have to beat the 3MO without being hit to get the hood. The same could be true for the others

              • Anonymous

                30 Aug 2017 18:45  

                I've been doing some field research and to seems enemies only drop what they're wearing, I could be wrong but combat trials and 3MO might be the only way to get it

                • Anonymous

                  30 Aug 2017 18:30  

                  Been farming the 3rd Marked one and also doing a deep search of the area. Found the Lost Prospect mask hidden in some jars in the Colosseum area so I'm breaking everything I can find and looking for any stone piles I may have missed.

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