Forest Dweller Gloves

1.3 1.1 0.2 0.2 It is said that by holding out their hands and whistling. Forest druids could call out animals to land on these delicate gloves.
Orate Keeper Gloves 1.8 1.4 0.4 0.3 One pushes, and one pulls. To each hands its task.
Prospect Gloves 1.3 1.2 0.1 0.2 Basic armband of raw cotton woven in southern Ripa. Given to Prospects arriving at Towerpoint.
Shabu Guard Gloves 1.2 1.1 0.1 0.2 Low gloves of fine silk, to avoid direct contact with the filth.
Silan Bracelets 4.2 0.4 3.8 0.7 Some say the bracelets have magical properties, but maybe it is all in the mind of the wearer.
Tear Trapper Gloves 1.9 1.6 0.3 0.3 Boiled leather covering soft wool. Can save a wrist from breaking on a nasty fall.
Essence Miner Gloves 0.2 3.1 1 0.2 It is safer to wear protective layers when manipulating raw Essence - especially when one is unaware of the Incantation Arts.
Uringal Arm Bands 5.8 2.6 3.2 1 A rarity in some parts of the world, the darks silk was easily found and collected in the Arman Province. Light but strong, it was often worn by miners and labourers.
Reinforced Tear Gloves 6.5 4.3 2.2 1.1 The knuckles and back of the hand are reinforced with small plates of steel, making these gloves solid enough to last for years.
Tear Gloves 3.1 1.5 1.5 0.5 Simply yet sturdy, the tips of the fingers are left bare to allow a more subtle touch, whether one is collecting wool of wild goats or strangling a fallen enemy.
Leather Wristbands 3.2 2.6 0.6 0.6 Reinforced leather and silk protections for the upper arms. Inspires respect in pagan lands.
Elite Scout Gloves 10.1 4 6 1.7 Plates of armor offering good protection during combat, and inspiring respect out of it. These must be earned to be worn.
Bow Hunter Gloves 11.8 6.5 5.3 2 Solid leather covering the hands and wrists, while leaving fingers free. Appreciated by Rippa bowmen during hunting parties.
Fangli Noble Gloves 1.7 1.5 0.2 0.3 Covers the arm to the elbow, masking the ritual scars of Fang Li nobility.
Forest Caller Armbands 1.9 1.6 0.3 0.4 Decorative armbands made of patches of coloured fabric; like the birds they talk to, Forest Callers enjoy putting on refined displays of color.
Orate Leader Gloves 10.3 6.2 4.1 1.7 Tightly wound around the lower arm, they are lined with rubber bands, making them reasonably comfortable.


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