Infinite use


Shard cost


Heal is a type of Power in Absolver.


Heal Information


"Allowing users to heal themselves.

Dealing damage accelerates the heal. Heal is interrupted when hit."

Heal only recovers a small amount of health initially, and then slowly causes regeneration over time. However, when you hit an enemy, you will regain a larger chunk of health. 

If you are successfully hit, the effect of heal will end prematurely.

Where to learn

  • Automatically acquired.



  • Heal can stack. If you use Heal twice in succession, you can regain vast amounts of health from attacking an enemy.
  • Heal can be interrupted by several other powers, such as Shockwave, Gravity, or Earthquake.


    • Anonymous

      29 Aug 2017 19:56  

      I quit to the main menu because i got stuck when entering a new zone, when I loaded my save and got back into the game I had unlearned this ability along with shockwave which i had unlocked shortly before, off to a great start.

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