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Heal is a type of Power in Absolver.


Heal Information


"Allowing users to heal themselves.

Dealing damage accelerates the heal. Heal is interrupted when hit."

Heal only recovers a small amount of health initially, and then slowly causes regeneration over time. However, when you hit an enemy, you will regain a larger chunk of health. 

If you are successfully hit, the effect of heal will end prematurely.

How to obtain

  • Automatically acquired.



  • Heal can stack. If you use Heal twice in succession, you can regain vast amounts of health from attacking an enemy.
  • Heal can be interrupted by several other powers, such as Shockwave, Gravity, or Earthquake.
  • Heal's animation is extremely slow, at around 41 frames. It is recommended to use it only when outside of the opponent's range.In pvp it can situationally be used even in strike range when the enemy player is trying to dissengage to regain stamina or is severly conditioned to not attack in certain conditions. This tactic is however risky and can easily be interrupted.


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    • Anonymous

      29 Aug 2017 19:56  

      I quit to the main menu because i got stuck when entering a new zone, when I loaded my save and got back into the game I had unlearned this ability along with shockwave which i had unlocked shortly before, off to a great start.

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