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Hive Bone Mask is a type of Armor in Absolver.


Hive Bone Mask Information


This organic form wasps around the head of the bearer, gaping holes revealing nothing but emptiness.



Where to Find\Location


  • Random Drop from Jinn Mesca at Adalian Columbary (In a small clearing), Tower of Adal (At the stairs next to the shrine, sitting on the bridge), and the Hunting Path (In the dirt patch, next to a cairn)
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    • Anonymous

      cant even count how many times i fought him and still no mask i dont know why im still trying cuz i dont even like how it looks and probabily i wont even use it

      • Anonymous

        How to get his mask Easley is 1.beat the campaign 2. Reach level 35 3. Go in offline mode 4. Go to tower of Adal on the stairs he always spawn there 5. Kill him die by a npc then rinse and repeat

        • Anonymous

          Have gotten a minimum of 5 of every other equipment he can drop, (elbows, gloves, pants, coat, shirt, shoes) and gotten over 40 levels from him, still no mask. Guess I should go for another one, I am not even a huge fan of how it looks lol.

          • Anonymous

            LoL i get nothing but these masks have 5 of them now all from Jinn.

            Best method is to rest at the tower in offline, run up the stairs (he always spawns here) and kill him. I use him and the boss of the area to fast level at 35+ may be why i have so many.

            • Anonymous

              It seems to have an unreasonably high drop rate. I have 4, having killed Jinn about 15 times or so.
              Still no sign of the equipment I actually want, the his overtop.

              • Anonymous

                Can confirm Jinn himself has a chance to drop the mask even if you already have it, personally have 2 masks just from him.

                • Anonymous

                  Fastest method I found was to: 1) Go offline. 2) Go to the shrine in the Tower of Adal. 3) Stairs that turn to the right as you scale them right on the shrine. 4) Kill Jinn. 5) Suicide - and repeat.

                  • I've spotted Jinn in the Tower of Adal, on the bridge, the Avian Columbary going towards the Tower of Adal, and in the Hunting Path, in a little ditch like area.

                    Pretty fast to run between them all and kill him.

                    • Anonymous

                      I just got a drop outside of combat trials, in Hunting Path, and from a non-boss NPC (a no-name NPC). Just a random NPC, I'm not sure if the NPC was wearing the mask or not. ((Note: I had earlier killed Jinn Mesca before heading to Hunting Path, that said I had also received a few drops beforehand so I doubt the game messed up. But who knows.))

                      • Anonymous

                        Took about 40 minutes to farm but was well worth the wait, especially if you're doing a stagger style build. Times may vary, you'll probably want to be offline to farm it. It's easier that way. Also, if you're having trouble beating jinn, wait for an opening and spam perfect attacks until you are almost out of stamina, then run and repeat.

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