Kahlt Method is a Combat Style in Absolver. It is one of the 3 initial styles you can choose from at the start of the game. It is a largely defensive style, allowing you to ignore the recoil from being hit, and giving you time to regenerate the lost health.

Kahlt Method

 Stat point efficiency grades

Strength - A

Dexterity - D

Vitality - B

Endurance - C

Will - E

Kahlt Method


The Kahlt Method emerged in the barren mountains of the Tear after the Downfall.

Improves mainly Strength and Vitality.


Difficulty :



Ability: Absorb

Receive full damage from the next attack, but none of the stun. Lost health during the effect will be stored as Grey Health, which regens slowly and can be regained  uppon successfully hitting an enemy, Grey Health is definitively lost if you are hit again. Absorb is broken by guardbreaking attacks.

If a hit is succesfully absorbed it is possible to cancel the recovery time and transition inmediatly into an attack, as long as this was buffered. Currently absorb grants no consistent frame advantage, varying from neutral to slightly negative depending on host advantage. It is however important to consider that, even if there is no real frame advantage, absorbing an attack makes outspeeding your opponents attack significatively easier, as it denies the advantage of goldlinking. Khalts usually use fast or evasive attacks after their absorbs to maximize the likelyhood of them connecting. 

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