Raslan Coliseum

Combat Style


Kuretz is the first major Boss in Absolver. He was a former Essence Miner who escaped from the mines, and considers himself king over the Broken Prospects.



 Kuretz's fight begins with a one on one, but quickly changes after he hits 2/3 health. Kuretz will summon Broken Prospects, up to 4-5 at a time, who will all gang up on you as he stands back behind a very strong guard. Once you kill a certain number of Broken Prospects, the number that he will summon gets reduced, and he begins fighting alongside them. One he falls below 1/3 health, he will draw fist weapons, and dismiss any Broken Prospects. 

Phase one is simple, just a straightforward fight. Once he summons the Broken Prospects, try to use wide sweeping attacks to attempt to hit both Kuretz and the Broken Prospects. If you do find yourself running low on health, you can take a step back and try to defeat Broken Prospects one by one, slowly healing off of each kill. Once he opens up, focus Kuretz and try to keep him between you and the others.

Broken Prospects

Each of the Broken Prospects are significantly weaker than regular NPCs, and only have 2 moves, a punch and a kick. If you're not careful about their numbers, they can overwhelm you. Every time you defeat one you will gain a small amount of health, and another will spawn from one of the doors surrounding the Coliseum.






  • Kuretz can be fought again once you reached Combat Trials Level 10, and again at Level 40.


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