Shabu Commander Vest 6.7 6.0 0.7 1.1 The commanders inspired respect at the Kahina's court, wearing refined version of the Shabu guard's equipment.
Kuretz Overtop 20.2 12.1 8.1 3.4 Bleached by Essence, torn by endless fights, it has been fitted with rusted spikes to inspire fear in others.
Ceremonial Keffir 5.5 4.4 1.1 0.9 Heavy bands of fabric, worn by Ripan tribes elders during Gathering councils. Elaborate layers of color represent tribal appartenance and individual lineage.
Elite Scout Plates 9.6 6.7 2.9 1.6 Leather and metal plates offering good protection, even if the chest is left uncovered. Only gifted to Elite Ripan Scouts in reward for their dedication.
Shabu Guard Vest 6.7 6.0 0.7 1.1 Low hanging but wide. Elegant enough to be worn in the Kahina's court, but the heavy linings of boiled leather also offer good protection.
Silan Chest Armor 20.6 10.7 9.9 3.4 Plates of Ripali steel, one of the hardest alloys North of Uring. May be heavy on the shoulders, but protect against all types of blows and can save a life in combat.
Tear Trapper Vest 8.6 6.0 2.6 1.4 Mostly there to protect shoulders from the cut of heavy loads.
Essence Miner Bands 2.6 2.1-2.2 0.2-0.5 0.4-0.5 Tight straps prevent excessive strain. Always carry with the knees.
Uringal Chest Cover 17.5 5.4-8 1.7-9.4 1.4-2.9 Typical of Uringal attire, this heavy woolen overtop is warm enough for winter nights.
Tear Guardian Tunic


14.2 9.5 3.9 As often in Tearan fashion, the chest is left bare, but shoulders and groin are protected by heavy leather pieces.
Tear Chest Plate 22.7 9.1 13.6 3.8 Layers of hide and fabric, hiding metal scraps and plates, protecting its wearer from blade wounds, but doesn't cover the whole chest.
Absolver Tunic 8.8 6.3 2.5 1.5 Looks can be deceiving, and under the strong and delicate cloth are hardened plates covering weak points of the body. Favoured by Absolvers in pagan lands.
Absolver Captain Tunic 8.5 7.3 1.2 1.4 A refined version of the basic Absolver tunic, it is awarded to the most worthy of Absolver returning to Towerpoint.
Fang Li Noble Vest 20.4 11.7-15.5 4.9-6.3 3.0-3.4 Worn by men and women of the Oratian aristocracy. Fashioned after the Logal's favorite bird.
Orate Keeper Tunic 25.2 6.5-8.6-21.2 1.8-2.4-4.0 1.7-1.8-4.2 The Orate divination pendulums are monitored by a chosen few. These heavy robes once belonged to a great Reader.
Oratian Priest TunicOratian Priest Tunic 11.0 8.6 2.4 1.8 A Keeper's Tunic, embroided with gold. The Priests were chosen amongst those who arrived early, and left late
Prospect Tunic 3.6 3.4 0.2 0.6 Basic linen tunic. Keeps its wearer cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.
Forest Caller Tunic 2.4 2.4 0 0.4 Hundreds of feathers make up this refined piece of clothing. Some say the birds give them willingly to their Caller friends.
Forest Dweller Overtop 22.8 9.8-17.8 5.0-5.3 3.0 The complex patterns on the chest tell the many legends of the forest.
Tear Chief Overtop 19.8 9.5-13.9 3.0-5.9 2.5-3.3 Raw leathers and wools, layered for warmth and protection. Smells of human sweat and animal fat.
Fang Li Baron Vest 18 13.5 4.5 3 Delicately embroidered, it is a rare garnment reserved to the Barons of the Kahina's court.
Orate Leader Mantle 10 7 3 1.7 Orate Leaders held a special position at court, participating both in the divination rituals of Keepers, and in the organization of Fang Li defenses.


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