Schools are player factions or guilds in Absolver. Schools allow players to share Combat Decks, Fighting Styles, and Weapons, even if the student hasn't learned or obtained these yet. As long as they are a part of that school, they have access to any unlocked rewards. As soon as you leave a school, you lose access to all rewards.

As students progress through the combat trials, they gain Student Levels, based on how many unlocks from their school they have equipped. Immediate rewards, (the bare hands deck and the fighting style) are unlocked upon joining the school, but additional decks, powers and weapons must be unlocked.


Joining a School

As you progress through the world, you will meet other players who have set up schools. Players can join a Fighting School by going to the Social tab and then Encounters and selecting a player from the list who is in a School and click “Join School“. You can see the details about the School when you select their name, such as number of Students, Disciples and the Leaderboard rank of that School.

Creating your own School

In order to create a school, you must be level 50 in the Combat Trials. Then, go to the Oratian Quarter and find the Statue Man. He'll open a dialogue where you will be able to create your own school. You pick a Fighting Style, a Weapon, two Powers, and three Combat Decks, (one for bare hands, one for swords, and one for war gloves). As you encounter other players in the world, they will be able to join your school. It is not currently possible to edit a school.

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    • Anonymous

      why cant you teach all the styles and moves if you have the talent in game it would be over powered or what?

      • Anonymous

        So what do schools actually do? I know you get a move set, but do you get xp in those moves whenever you use them? Just looking for a layout of how it works, with specifics.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone know if you lose equipment rewards from schools if you leave them? I know you lose the 'school abilities' like Heal and Shockwave etc (blue ones) but what about weapons?

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