Infinite use


Shard cost


Shield is a type of Power in Absolver.


Shield Information


"Increase protection and reduce knockback during 20s."


How to obtain



  • This move has the absorb propperty; similarly to Khalt's class ability, it will only be interrupted by a guardbreaking attack, lost health is replaced with grey health, which can be regained after the absorb either over time or by hitting an opponent, but will be lost if a hit is received.
  • Shield's animation is around 39 frames long.
  • Currently this power is fairly underwhelming, providing no pressure by itself. In the worst case, the enemy player can choose to back away until it's effect runs off. Using it in close range usually means taking several hits without having any guarantee of being able to retaliate before getting hit to regain the grey health. 


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    • Anonymous

      More effective when used Khalt users, as using it’s class ability will up your level of poise by one, which stacks with this power.

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