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Shard cost


Shockwave is a type of Power in Absolver.


Shockwave Information


"Tension accumulated in the shard is suddenly released, pushing back all enemies around the user."

 Shockwave pushes enemies backwards, allowing you space to regain stamina. You can use it to knock enemies off of ledges, though they will not be pushed as far if they are guarding.

How to obtain



  • Shockwave can be used to interrupt Healing from a distance.
  • Shockwave's animation is around 26 frames long.
  • Shockwave cancels any incoming attacks when used, stunning the enemy for a brief moment, in a similar way as Forsaken's parry. it is however not possible to follow it up with any attack.
  • The pushback and stun on a successful hit is usually enough to allow the user to heal safely after using Shockwave. 


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