Stagger is the fourth Combat Style in Absolver, and the only one that cannot be learned from character creation.


Stagger Style Information

' The warriors who practice in the Stagger Style may appear to be out of control, but the sways and stumbles can give way to devastating strikes in the blink of an eye.'


Stagger style has no purely defensive ability, unlike the other three, but it allows the player character to use drunken boxing-esque moves that have innate defensive properties. Forsaking Strength and Vitality in favor of other attributes, moves associated with it double as dodges and are highly unpredictable, but drain more stamina.


How To Learn Stagger Style

There is a hostile NPC called Jinn Mesca, Prime Disciple Of The Golden Bottle. Defeating him will unlock a gate in the Raslan Coliseum. Past this gate is a NPC named Rakkio. Speaking with him will allow you to join his school, granting use of the Stagger style while joined until you unlock it yourself, upon which you can leave and join any school you wish. 

Special Attacks

  • Left and right will dodge in that direction, and perform a weak shove, dealing very little damage.
  • Back will dodge an attack and kick forward, dealing very little damage.
  • Forward will power through an attack, where you can't be interrupted, dealing slightly more damage that the other dodges.

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