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Talem is an NPC in Absolver.


Talem Information




  • "I am Talem. I will try to help you as you progress, but if you lose yourself to the Fold, I won't be able to save you...
    Those who wear the Mask are not all your enemies, you know... I will not attack you. 
    When you are safe, you can enter Meditation, and practice your Combat Deck"
    • -Player is prompted to open the Combat Deck in the Meditation menu


  • "When you learn new attacks from others, you will be able to use them in your Combat Deck.
    You may not need this right now, but it will be useful when you face tougher enemies..."

    (Dialogue in Plains of Adal)


  • "You will have to learn more attacks if you want to survive...
    If an unknown attack hits your guard, you will start learning it.
    If you use your combat style's ability against that attack, you will learn it even faster.

    But if you are defeated, or flee combat... you will lose all of this experience. Victory is the only path to acquiring knowledge."

    (Dialogue in Tower of Adal)





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    • Anonymous

      03 Oct 2018 11:38  

      I like this guy. Willing to go out of his way to help someone (i.e, us, the players) he doesn't even know.

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