Warlord Armor

Warlord Armor









Warlord Armor is a type of Armor in Absolver.


Warlord Armor Information


It's bulk ,and weight make it hard too wear, but it will protect those who are strong enough too carry it, and inspire fear in the hearts of their enemies.



Where to Find\Location

  • Reward from Combat Trials
  • Drop from Warlords (Rusted variant)
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    • Anonymous

      12 Jul 2018 12:45  

      The spawn the most frequently at the central docks, and have more spawn points (8). Set your world to invitations and look around the area, if you find none jump in the river to reset the area spawns then repeat.

      • 30 Mar 2018 21:37  

        Some of the "warlords" that drop this item spawn in the Oratian Quarter, near where you would find the Statue Man standing later - when he would teach you to become a mentor -, or in the arena where you would fight Kuretz, either at the arena, near the area leading up to Rakkio's hideout, or up the stairs leading to the Marked One Ristael.

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