Windfall is a Combat Style in Absolver. It is one of the 3 initial styles you can choose from at the start of the game. It is primarily Stamina based, allowing you to dodge enemy attack, recovering your stamina while draining theirs.





Originally coming from the Orate, it was refined by the Adal Empire masters, who integrated Tension arts within it, allowing for better use of Tension Shards.

Improves mainly Dexterity.


Difficulty :






Ability: Avoid

Avoid and slow down the opponent briefly. You can avoid in any of four directions:

  • Left and right perform a side dodge that avoids vertical and thrust attacks.
  • Forward performs a jump that avoids lows.
  • Back performs a duck that avoids highs.

Succesful avoids give the player a stamina bonus and a bonus to stamina regen, the enemy player loses some stamina, is applied a stamina malus and is slowed down deppending on the speed of the avoided move. This allows Windfall users to in theory get guaranteed damage after avoiding slow moves.

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