Enemies in Absolver will be detailed here. Please see Bosses for details on challenging encounters. Enemy NPC's spawn in certain areas of each map section in randomized numbers (1v1, 1v2, 1v3). Enemy NPC's usually use a combination of moves from one or more styles, during combat.

Enemies can use one of the three styles:

You can begin/continue to learn NPC moves by:

  • Succesfully blocking an attack
  • Dodging an attack right before it lands
  • Using your character's special ability to respond to the attack

This is an excellent way to expand your deck by learning moves from diffrent styles. The only difficulty is if you die in combat, you lose all knowledge of the moves you began/continued learning in that fight.


  • Try to keep enemies in a line to avoid being hit by multiple attacks at the same time
  • Try to defeat one enemy at a time when battling multple opponents, to avoid being overwhelmed
  • Use a mix of special abilities, powers, weapons, and deck combinations to gain the upperhand and unlock your own personalized flow
  • Enemy NPC's can pick up weapons if they move close to one on the ground, during combat

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