Combat Deck in Absolver is covered on this page. The Combat Deck is where you can change and setup your combos and customize them to be exactly how you want. More information will be added as it becomes available.


Combat Deck

The combat deck is the list of Attacks that a prospect can use. These attacks are divided between four different stances that represent the orientation of the fighter relative to their target. In each stance, different attacks are available. Some attacks will naturally flow from one stance to another, others will stay in the same stance. Each attack will always flow into another effortlessly shifting from stance to stance without interruption. You will choose a sequence of attacks in a stance and an alternative attack. Alternative attacks can be used at any time to break a sequence and then shift the fighter to a new stance. 

Learning Attacks

New attacks can be unlocked from fighting opponents of any skill. You can also learn new Fighting Styles by choosing a mentor you meet in the world. Students can use their mentor's combat deck.

The following are the early revealed attacks in the combat deck:

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