Controls for Absolver are covered on this page. More information will be added when the game officially releases.




PC Controls


Key Command Key Command
W Move Forward Mouse (Movement) Camera Movment
S Move Backward Left Mouse Attack Sequence
A Move Left Right Mouse Alternative Attack
D Move Right Middle Mouse Target Lock/Unlock
Shift Guard / Block Wheel up/down Change Target
Space Bar Dodge / Dash (While moving) Mouse (Move Left/Right) Parry, Avoid, Absorb
Esc Meditation Mouse (Move forward/backward) Avoid


Ps4 Controller



Xbox Controller



    • Anonymous

      03 Mar 2017 04:54  

      Damn, I was hoping to read a decent guide on the controls. I'm struggling in the Closed Alpha, but I can't say anything specific due to the NDA. But the Dark Souls inspiration/challenge in the game is superb.

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