Controls for Absolver are covered on this page. 




PC Controls


Key Command Key Command
W Move Forward Mouse (Movement) Camera Movement
S Move Backward Left Mouse Attack Sequence
A Move Left Right Mouse Alternative Attack
D Move Right Middle Mouse Target Lock/Unlock
Shift Guard / Block Wheel up/down Change Target
Space Bar Dodge / Dash (While moving) Mouse (Move Left/Right) Parry, Avoid, Absorb
Esc Meditation Mouse (Move forward/backward) Avoid


Ps4 Controller


Absolver Ps4 Controller


Xbox Controller


 Absolver Xbox Controller

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    • Anonymous

      you can actually change the settings auto switch at the one that you attack in the option menu if you are using controller.

      • Anonymous

        so only complaint is that we dont have full mapping of the controls... we cant adjust them to us Pc gamers... the hardest ones are the fact that we cant change the avoid and block directions from mouse

        • Anonymous

          yet, my x box controller cant move the cmera, even though the right stick is completly fine and working on other games, it also spontaniously press the "normal attack" and the :stance change attack" buttons

          • Anonymous

            PC PLAYERS the game strongly recommends a controller for this game no matter what. I literally bought a Xbox one controller to play this game, and i cant say it was a bad purchase

            • Anonymous

              Damn, I was hoping to read a decent guide on the controls. I'm struggling in the Closed Alpha, but I can't say anything specific due to the NDA. But the Dark Souls inspiration/challenge in the game is superb.

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