New Player Help for Absolver lists useful links and suggestions for getting started with the game.

Some useful wiki pages to read first:

New Player Guide: Absolver

Now that you have a general idea from reading about controls, classes, attributes and equipment, you can begin your journey in Absolver. It's important to note the game is very PvP focused, so the initial single player campaign is aimed to teaching you about the game and posing some challenges to your preconceived notions on combat.

You should focus on practicing in your Combat Deck to find your rhythm and a comfortable flow for your attacks. Nuance on this will come with time and experience, so don't be afraid to try random things at first.

 Don't button mash it won't end well.

When in combat, try not to drain your stamina below 10%, in case an emergency block or dodge is needed.

When unarmed combat seems to be at a standstill, try switching to a weapon to keep your movements fresh an unpredictable to your opponent.

In the beginning of your campaign, try to learn as many moves as possible by dodging, blocking, or using your style's special ability. This will allow for greater combat deck flexibility, once you unlock more combat deck slots.

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