Maps in Absolver are located here. The Map apsect can be a little bit confusing, so please see the information below for further explanations.



Note: The Altar is located in the middle of the rectangle. shown in the center of the image.

Note: Sitting at any Altar stone will bring up a map with your location marked as a green dot

Note: The botom left area includes the various cities, the bottom right area includes the Tower of Adal and the Top area includes the forest region.

(Big thank you to staticV3 over on Reddit for allowing us to post this one)


(Thank you to steam user  for letting us take this map from his Boss Location guide)

When meditating at a checkpoint altar:

  • Your HP will replenish
  • All enemies will respawn
  • A mini-map will appear with your location marked as a green dot.


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