The narrative goal in Absolver is to journey from Prospect to Absolver by gaining experience through combat, improving your character, and taking down a group of minibosses called Marked Ones before climbing the Tower of Adal for one final showdown. Once complete your character will become a vaunted Absolver and can then roam the land teaching others what you have learned in combat and proving your skill against other players online.

There are two additional bosses to be fought, it is possible to fight them once without any requeriments, leveling up in combat trials allows the player to refight these two bosses and the final one, with a new cutscene every time up to the third, from this point on bosses can be fought freely.

A PVE focused content expansion is to be released in September 2018.


Tutorial miniboss:



Marked Ones with locations:

RevarioHunting Path

AngrelForgotten Temple

Ama SabaBird Callers Outpost

DormekAdal Tower

RistaelRaslan Coliseum

LamrenCentral Harbor


Bosses with locations:

Kuretz, Raslan Coliseum

Cargal & Kilnor, Adalian Columbary

Risryn, Imperial Quarters

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