Multiplayer is a crucial part of Absolver. Within it, players will engage cooperatively and in hostile encounters with and against each other, and learn new moves as they go.

Absolver Multiplayer Information

Players can form parties of up to 3 people, roaming the landscape together and defeating enemies. Just be careful not to strike one another, as the game does feature friendly fire.

There's a feature called the Mentor System in Absolver, whereby players can train others in their martial art style or their “School“. Players who become the Student of another will gain access to all the moves available to their Mentor in the Combat Deck, but only as long as they remain a member of that School. As players rank up in said School, they will gain further rewards that have yet to be announced.

Competitive play is where players can take on others in duels called “Combat Trials“. In this mode Absolvers will face random opponents or friends in a best of 5 series of rounds that is somewhat similar to more traditional fighting games. There are ranked matches and there will be tournaments in the near future, so stay tuned for details on those.

The Overtake mode is a 3v3 zone control mode added in the 1.11 update. Players must capture zones to earn points, and whichever team controls a zone when it runs out gains a chunk of points.

Downfall is Absolver's cooperative end game dungeon. It can be played solo, in a team of two, or a team of three. It sees you battling through rooms of enemies and simple encounters to reach the boss. So far, there are three encounters (each building off the last) with their own boss. Playing Downfall rewards the player with Gleam: a kind of XP.



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    • [quote="Anonymous"]Me and my want to play together but I play ps4 and he plays Xbox one so I want to know if we can play together or not[/quote]
      The developers have stated that they do not have plans to implement cross-platform-play. Sorry, I hope you and your friend can find some other way.

      • Anonymous

        Me and my want to play together but I play ps4 and he plays Xbox one so I want to know if we can play together or not

        • Anonymous

          I’m this copper rank or bronze and I get paired up against a bronze person but he also has 2 demands next to his level and I’m asuming that I need to get to another 60 levels to get those so keep in mind that I’m level bronze 20 so this guy is an odd 40 levels ahead of me, how is that fair the matchmaking in this game is utter garbage please fix so that maybe you get paired up against people your level so around 10 or so levels not 40.

          • Anonymous

            I think Combat trials needs an edit: Where heartless *****ers go and spam all day long until you get stunlocked and can't do*****

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