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    • [quote="Anonymous"]how do learn front sweep?[/quote]
      In [url=]Central Harbor[/url] and the [url=]Oratian Quarter,[/url] there are Lost Prospect NPCs that wear the [url=]Ceremonial Keffir[/url] that you can learn Front Sweep from.

      Additionally, Kilnor from the [url=]Cargal & Kilnor[/url] boss fight knows Front Sweep, and you can learn it from him, although the Lost Prospect is much easier to learn it from.

      I hope this has helped you.

      • [quote="Anonymous"]where is ram thrust attack? i mean the location that npc[/quote]
        A Lost Prospect NPC that is located in the Oration Quarter can be found, wearing yellow pants and the Fang Li Noble Top. Give them a sword, and let them perform the combo that starts with an overhead swing, as that's the one where you can learn the Ram Thrust attack.
        Hope this helped.

        • Anonymous

          i have defeated jinn and opened the door to the mentor who teaches you stagger... i've completed the main story but when i talk to the mentor he asks me if i want to learn stagger it comes up with a loading failed.. can anyone help me please ( im also level 30)

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