There are 5 main attributes in Absolver. Those are Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Endurance and Will.





Building strength is not a matter of gaining muscle volume or mass; it is about channeling the energy of both the body and the mind for maximal power.

The most brutal attacks scale often well with Strength; the stronger one is, the more powerful they will be.


The in game description for the Dexterity attribute reads:

"Developing one's Dexterity was an important tradition in the Adal imperial family, who valued grace and precision in movement. Some attacks are more subtle than others, and as combatants improves their Dexterity, these attacks will do more damages."

The Dexterity attribute alters the damage done with attacks based on Dexterity. 



The in game description for the Vitality attribute reads:

"Vitality is really about learning to tolerate pain and trauma: it is more of a state of mind than a physical limit. Improving Vitality grants higher maximum Health, allowing one to receive more damages before dying."

The Vitality attribute alters the maximum Health the character has at its disposal. 


The in game description for the Endurance attribute reads:

"Having a good resistance to effort is important for warriors and workers alike. Endurance improves Stamina, and therefore allows one to chain more attacks with flow."

The Endurance attribute alters the maximum Stamina the character has at its disposal. Increasing a character's Endurance attribute means that the character will be able to perform more actions that consume stamina in succession before having to wait for it to replenish.


The in game description for the Will attribute reads:

"Storing and releasing Tension in Shards requires a significant mental effort. Developing Will improve the quantity of Tension successfully caught and stored."

The Will attribute alters the rate at which taking and dealing damage charges Shards. Increasing a character's Will attribute means that your Shards will refill faster, allowing for more frequent use of Powers like Heal or Shockwave.



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