Weapons are pieces of equipment in Absolver, that you can equip at a cost of shards. They allow you to access new combat decks, which in the case of swords has different moves unique to it. Three weapons can be found from Bosses, and all others can be found through random drops in the Combat Trials and bought in the essence shop. You can check out for an overview of weapons and armor.

Weapons also provide access to cut damage, which is reduced by a different defensive stat than the blunt damage that bare handed moves deal. Cut damage deals chip damage through the enemy's guard, this can be reduced by the opposing player by equipping a weapon themselves.

Golden weapon variants can be bought from the essence shop, they are however functionally the same as their non-gold counterparts.





Weapons have a durability, once broken it folds back in your inventory and cannot be used for a set amount of time.


Tension Shards allow you to use powers and equip weapon. Tension Shards fill up when you perform successful defensive actions or taking damage.


Damage bonus

Weapons give different damage bonus to each move depending on to the Combat Style the attack belongs to. 

Damage Type

The total damage given by a move with a weapon is split between blunt and cut damage.


Cut reduction

Weapons have the property of reducing the chip damage received when blocking attacks from other weapons by a ratio. Having a cut reduction of 1 means a 100% of the incoming chip damage is negated, and having a cut reduction of 0 means the incoming chip damage is unmodified. 


Taking too much consecutive damage causes the player's weapon to drop to the ground, where it can be picked up either by anyone.


Folding Back

Players can fold back their own weapon to regain a portion of the shard they spent to summon the weapon, depending on the remaining durability. This can also be useful when being close to be disarmed, as it will deny the enemy from picking up the weapon. Notice that players cannot block while performing the folding animation.  



 Wargloves are a type of weapon in Absolver. They don't grant you access to any new moves, but they do allow you to use a new combat deck, and deal more damage.

Name Weight Shard Cost Durability BLUNT/CUT Cut Reduction Forsaken Scaling Windfall Scaling Kahlt Scaling Stagger Scaling Description
Barbarian War Gloves 3.2 3 380 ♦---------- 1 B D S C Tearan Chieftains use these wargloves when going into battle. Can cause severe trauma on the body of an enemy.

Hand Spirit War Gloves

1.5 2 200 -♦--------- 1 B C C C Metal and painted wood? these War Gloves are typical of Newforest Hunters.
Bear Claw War Gloves 1.3 3 240 -------♦--- 0.9 C S D C Ripan bears were revered in the Lake Tribes as savage but noble beasts. They inspired these wargloves, which can tear their opponent into shreds.

Empire's Hook War Gloves

2.7 4 340 --------♦-- 0.8 S D B C The Adalian Phalanx was sent on the front lines of the Barbarian Wars, rampaging through enemy ranks with their fearsome wargloves.
Ice Grinder War Gloves 2.2 3 350 -♦--------- 1 B B A C When winter comes in the Ice Marshes, men often have to break through solid walls of ice which form at night, using metal plated gloves.
Spike Turtle War Gloves 1.8 3 310  -----♦----- 0.9 C B B B Hard Tearan steel. Pikes on all sides. You don't want to get hit by these Wargloves.
Priest War Gloves 0.8 2 250 ♦---------- 0.6 C A D B Uringal Preists also practiced the arts of war. Lightweight but are quite fragile and will break quite easily.




Swords are a type of Weapon in Absolver. They grant you access to Sword moves, which tend to have a higher range than most other attacks. Some swords can be found in the world, and can be used by NPCs.



Shard Cost



Cut Reduction

Forsaken Scaling

Windfall Scaling

Kahlt Scaling

Stagger Scaling


Curved Sword 1.4 3 260  ------♦--- 0.8 A B C A This simple scimitar has been forged overseas. It seems old but it surprisingly sharp.
Dried Essence Shard 2.8 2 360  -♦-------- 0.8 B B A A A blunt sword with no grip, that can be disarmed quite easily. Made of dried essence, that will react to incantations no longer.
Broken Sword ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Found in different areas. Shatters after its condition is worn down.
Broken Oratian Sword ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Found in different areas. Shatters after its condition is worn down.
Broken Tearan Club ? ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? Found in different areas. Shatters after its condition is worn down.
Moon Pike Sword 1.5 2 290 ---------♦ 0.7 C A D B

Worn by the old imperial guard, this sword is very fragile, but can be very dangerous in the hands of an expert swordsman.

Oratian Chokuto 1.1 4 250 ---------♦ 0.7 A S D C This oratian sword is extremely sharp, but the thiness of the blade makes it quite fragile.
Risryn Sword 2.5 4 320  -------♦-- 0.9 S C C D A balanced sword, that was created in Uring a long time ago.
River Gladius 4 3 400 ------♦--- 0.9 C D S C The craft of the best Adalian blacksmiths has gone into forging this sword, making it hard to break.
Tear Machete 3 2 300 -------♦-- 0.8 B D B B Looks impressive, but the metal melted in Tearan forges is quite brittle, and can break sooner than expected. Has not been created for a specific Fighting Style.


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