Combat Trials are Absolver's form of organized PvP. Players can use any Altar to begin Combat Trials and find a 1v1 match against an opponent. Currently, only unranked 1v1 and 3v3 matchmaking are available, though other modes are upcoming.


Players get points for every Combat Trail they undertake. Players receive points for:

  • Playing a Combat Trial
  • Winning at least two rounds
  • Winning all three rounds

It is not possible to lose points. After gaining 5 points, players increase their rank by one.

Rank Rewards

At every rank, you receive one random piece of equipment. The equipment is truly random, and can range from armor and weapons to new masks. It is also possible to receive equipment you already own, including the starting Prospect set. Unlike PvE drops, Rank rewards are always of a Clean quality.

At rank 50 you may create your own Fighting School.

Every ten ranks (until rank 60) you unlock a new boss.

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