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Risryn is the final Boss in Absolver. She is a former prospect trainer who now kills prospects.



Risryn is a difficult fight, but a straightforward one. She has a ton of health, a varied set of moves, and a good sword, which she will draw twice over the course of the fight. Heal is recommended to stay in the fight.

Alternatively, as of 1.07, Risryn is an easy fight, due to her predictable AI.

Risryn does not seem to block fast attacks that come from outside her range. Therefore, she can be poked from a safe distance with quick, distance-closing assaults. A couple of rapid hits may be safely chained before she starts reciprocating. Retreat to a generous distance before she starts to react; rinse and repeat.

Feinting often also cause her to parry react prematurely, allowing more windows for attack. Wait until she stops before attempting to feint, otherwise she will likely hit you through it. A generous distance is also adviseable as a buffer for poking with feints.





  • The Risryn Boss fight will be available at Combat Trials lvl 30 and lvl 60
  • Silan and Risryn share a mask.
  • Risryn may change her Combat deck after losing her sword (needs confirmation)


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    • Anonymous

      15 Jul 2018 03:32  

      In the cutscene before her fight, she throws a golden mask at you. Is there any way to get it? It looks nice.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jul 2018 23:55  

        Don't be over confident! While she is predictable she does a considerable amount of damage if you make a mistake, and can close gaps fairly quickly. The strategy that worked the best for my battle with her was to simply give her no room to breathe, repeatedly assaulting her with combos without giving her a chance to recover.

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