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Builds Information
As the maximum level is 60 in Absolver, each attribute will have a soft cap of 20.
Needless to say, not everyone wants to be a jack of all trades. The diversity of the game allows for immense customization, and therefore it is important to have a feel for what style of gameplay you want to experiment in before distributing your stats.

Taking into account you know what each stat improves, Min-Maxing is a viable option, but there is no 'best' way to do it. A full strength Forsaken may lose to a full strength Windfall due to a variety of reasons.

Before different suggestions for builds are listed, it is important to understand that the stance you pick is not the 'be all end all' in regards to builds. 

Be aware that after a certain point, stats DO have diminishing returns.

It is personal playstyles that really matter. 



This is for prospects that intend to specialize in a particular way of fighting, and wish to risk having glaring weaknesses in return for excellence in a field of their choice.


Prospects with a Full Strength build will hit harder than any other. Their blows will be devastating, each punch like being hit by a mountain. Glass Cannon.

With this strength comes lack of speed, or at least lack of power behind fast attacks.

There is also a concern with a lack of health and stamina. Prospects would generally lean one of two ways. One is to wear light armour for high mobility to decrease the time before stamina regens. The other is to wear heavy armour to reduce any damage that does connect.

If a prospect puts all their stat points into strength, some possible options are avaliable, with additional unique but similar options for each stance.

Option 1: Aggressive Pressure.

A valid strategy would be to offset the biggest weakness of speed by having a standard combat deck of fast techniques and counter techniques. In this deck, the heavy hitting moves that scale with strength will be on the alternate slots. While building up immense pressure from the fast techniques, the opponent will be hesitant to commit to slow attacks as well (not to mention your counter moves, to punish certain attacks). Due to your low health pool, offence is the best defence in this strategy. 

When an opening appears, one of your alternate moves will break their rhythm and hit for incredible damage. 

Good Abilities to take are:

Heal - Because the combat deck is made up of fast abilities, you have a good chance of getting in a huge combo to full regen.

Shockwave - Due to your low health and stamina, a disengage to push the opponent away is paramount to survival. This lets you back off to regen stamina and reset any pressure.


 Forsaken - While using this strategy, Forsaken have the privilege of being able to Parry a potentially deadly attack, creating an opportunity rather than waiting for one to appear. With the parry stunning the opponent for a small amount of time, the prospect can begin their power move. Make sure the windup isn't too long though, as the stun time is short. Ending lag is better than startup lag for power moves after a parry.

Windfall - When using this build/strategy, the avoid ability of these prospects is paramount to getting in a good hit. After a successful Avoid, time slows for a brief moment, where the Windfall Practitioner can begin their Power Move. This is probably the most mechanically intensive of the class variant strategies though, as the key to landing a successful hit is not only the timing of the dodge, but deciding if a power hit can connect or not in that brief moment. As there is no stun, if the Avoid doesn't put the prospect in a perfect position, the Power Move will most likely be countered. (A good opportunity is after ducking a kick)

Khalt - The easiest of these variant strategies, the Khalt can choose to Absorb a slow attack to avoid any knockback while launching their own Power Attack. The difficult part of this is choosing what move to Absorb. A full strength build has low health, so absorbing the wrong Power Move could be dangerous. It is especially important to watch for moves with low Ending Lag. Absorbing one of these could be just as disastrous as falling for a feint, as after the move the opponent can dodge your counter to make you eat free damage. 

Stagger - *drunk*








This is for prospects with a unique fighting style. While not as Min-Max as a "Full Attribute" build, it is a unique blend on a slider for how many points are dedicated to each of the stats. Are they equal, or is it split in a ratio of 1:2, or even 1:5. This is a playstyle with less weaknesses than a "Full" build, but also less specialised.















The combinations and possible applications for this category are astronomical. While there is no clear road laid out for these prospects, they abandon reckless builds for a more balanced path. These builds are immensely personal and may be derived from an above "2 Stat" build. They may also be completely unique, points added as they are needed for different situations. Regardless, the opportunities are endless.

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