Patches and Patch Notes for Absolver are special game changes and updates delivered by Sloclap to add content or balance the game. A full list of patches is provided in descending chronological order. 


Patch Notes

Absolver Downfall / September 25, 2018

New Content
Downfall PVE mode
Battle deep in the mines of Adal as a solo warrior or in online cooperative play, collecting Gleam from Prospects infected by Arcell, an Etheran bent on breaking the Fold’s containment.. The more Gleam you capture, the more powerful you become in your struggle to defeat the Corrupted, and even Arcell himself. Each run through the Mines and Temples is a unique path through a variety of challenges and situations, facing upgraded enemies, and three epic boss fights.

This mode is available in the Combat Trials menu to all players that reached the Absolver rank. Collecting Gleam in Downfall runs will allow you to unlock new items in the Essence Shop, as well as the Faejin Combat Style.

Faejin Combat Style
Inspired by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, the Faejin Combat Style blends defense and offense with percussive strikes and fluid power. The new approach is a complex style for experienced Absolvers, featuring different defensive abilities that depend on both input and stances. Faejin has 26 attacks for bare hands and wargloves, alongside 15 sword attacks.

This Combat Style will be unlockable in Downfall PVE mode.

New Powers
Sharp Impact – Bare-hands deal cut damage during 20s
Unbreakable – A protective barrier coats your body during 5s. Protection level is increased, and enemy attacks don’t stun or interrupt your own attacks. All weapons hitting the barrier break on impact
Snatcher – A short burst of Tension released from the Shards stuns briefly and disarms your opponent, pulling their weapon towards you
Shadow Avoid – Enter in resonance with your Tension Shards and avoid all incoming attacks for a short duration. Enemies hitting your Shadow will be slowed down for 2s
You’ll be able to buy these new powers in the Essence Shop once your Gleam Level is high enough.

Absolvers who have reached the Disciple rank in a school (or who are Mentors of their own) can participate in School Challenges, by equipping all their School Content before heading to 1v1 Combat Trials. All wins representing one’s school count in the School challenges, with individual and collective performances of the schools bringing rewards every three weeks, at the end of the season.

For the occasion, the overall UI of the School system was revisited and we hope you’ll like it!

New Gear
Here are the names of the new sets you’ll be able to purchase from the Essence Shop.


Karshi Leader
Tear Tyrant
Tear Commander
Forest Healer
Adalian Carpenter
Essence Prospector
Guide Scholar
Guide Witness



Tear Tyrant Sword
Witness Sword
Scholar Sword
Arcell’s Sword
Carpenter Wargloves
Prospector Wargloves
Gleam Crystal Wargloves


Our Mask Design Contest Winner, Ripan Assassin Mask will be available in this patch too :)

New Emotes and Intros


Mia Dance
Make it rain





AI rework
All AIs in game have been reworked, so the changes detailed below will also impact the original NPCs and Bosses in the World!

Non exhaustive list of changes:

AIs fighting behaviours have been improved
AIs can now use Powers, they can also use Stagger and Faejin combat styles
AIs’ movements outside of combat have been improved: they can now use drop-downs and won’t try to attack players above them anymore


New loading screen!
Reward Screens have been updated in both 1v1 and 3v3
AIs’ health gauge color feedback its difficulty
Players can now toggle “Switch target on attack” in gameplay options.
Resilience mechanic has been added. Player will not be interrupted by an attack if his Resilience Level is superior or equal to the attack power level.
Attack power level is displayed in the attack details panel.
New ways to earn fragments :Dropped by AIs in the open world
Earnt in rift coins & disks


Revive has been reworked and the issue below shouldn’t appear anymore. Reviving player should not become stuck if the revived or reviving player disconnects or is interrupted by hit.
A bug where you could skip a part of the Absorb to attack faster was fixed
Advantage frames had an overall debug to improve consistency
Guarding should be more reactive to player’s inputs
We also worked on the parried animation to improve the visual feedback indicating the timing when the player can launch an attack after
Quadrants overall usability has been improved: we put a lot of efforts into making the changing quadrant feature more intuitive and reliable. A lot of involuntary quadrant changes have been fixed, for example when the player was hit by an enemy, or when the player was not moving while the enemy moved around him
Character’s position is less misleading in specific situations
Front-left stance is now forced on all situations when changing target (except when you’re attacking or using a special ability at the same time)
Fixed various issues with stamina Fixed the bug where the stamina could get stuck at 0
Fixed the bug where the stamina bonus could be gotten before spending stamina
Avoid: There are two states with the Avoid Special Ability When avoiding at the right timing, and a “Ghost” of yourself appear, you made a successful avoid, have a Stamina refill and your opponent cannot goldlink
When avoiding at the wrong timing, it can happen that you still don’t get hit by the attack but if the ghost isn’t here, the special ability is not considered as successful, no stamina refill happen and your opponent can goldlink
Weapons: When dropping your weapon during a fall, the weapon won’t stay floating in the air anymore. It will either fall on the ground, or go back to the last “walking position” of the player if the ground is too far away
Parry: Feint into parry bug has been fixed. When feinting and quickly parrying, the parry was sometimes made in the wrong direction.
Shards: Shards sometimes not refilling when sheathing weapon bug is now fixed.

Overall navigation in the map improved: no more assets missing lights, better collisions
Character illumination is now better managed, visibility is thus improved in low luminosity areas (like the night 1v1 maps)
Improved overall stability for both the World and Combat Trials (crashes on some specific PC configurations, infinite loading screens)
Text typos were fixed
The character won’t be changing skin color randomly anymore
Remapping menu Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t access the Social Wheel after changing its input
Players can now switch the bindings to both Analog Sticks on controller
Fixed a bug where the War gloves wouldn’t be displayed correctly in the Essence menu

Combat & Balancing
The major balancing changes made are the following:

Earthquake: Buildup increased from 12 to 15 frames
Shockwave: Stamina bonus removed
Heal:Effect last 10s instead of 15s
Damage dealt to HP conversion coefficient decreased from 0.75 to 0.3
Instant 50 health points and 10 HP/s regeneration have been replaced by 100 “ghost” health points.
Shield:Buildup decreased from 29 to 22 frames
Recovery decreased from 10 to 8 frames
Add 1 level of Resilience
Blunt & cut protection decreased from 40 to 30
Duration decreased from 20s to 12s
Silence:Buildup decreased from 32 to 20 frames
Recovery decreased from 10 to 8 frames
Affect the target and its surroundings
Exhaust: Exhausted character has almost no stamina refill during 4s

Combat styles:
Forsaken: Parried duration decreased from 16 to 14 frames
Kahlt:Absorb active window duration: 6 to 5 frames
Increase recovery: 4 to 6 frames
Absorb successful add 1 level of Resilience during 1.5s
Windfall: Avoided minimum duration is 14 frames for all avoids (side, duck, jump)
Stagger:Increase adv. on hit of Stagger Front (+1)
Stagger Back doesn’t avoid thrust attacks anymore

Parry & strike: Parry only high/mid attack
Avoid active window of avoiding attacks is more consistent and shorter
Frame datasAdv. on hit (and on guard) increased+1: Knife Hand Strike, Light Thrust, Ram Thrust
Adv. on hit (and on guard) decreased-2: Pulmonary Palm, Ankle Stamp, Parry Shove
-1: Straight Punch, Back Fist, Pushed Elbow, Roll Back Fist, Pushed Back Kick, Rising Slash, Pommel Bash, Back Thrust, Curled Up Uppercut, Body Blow, Tetsuzanko, Liver Knee, Crouching Elbow

Absolver 1.18 / May 24, 2018


Fixed an issue where new Gear from the Ripa Warrior and Forest Dancer sets couldn’t be obtained by the player
A new Version of Easy Anti cheat has been integrated
Changed the way the matchmaking works: ping between players is now better taken into account
Set up a better way of handling ping’s abrupt changes
Fixed some teleport issue due to lag
Other various bug fixes related to online


Absolver 1.17 / April 13, 2018


You can now add gold weapon to your School rewards
Fixed a bug where Weapons looted in Rift Disks were deleted in inventory
Fixed a bug in the Remapping feature where players couldn’t rebind their special ability with a binding other than mouse.
Fixed a bug in the Remapping feature where the “Invalid key” prompt was displayed when it shouldn’t be
Fixed a bug where the player could sheath a sword without spending tension shard(s)
Fixed a recurrent crash on PS4
Fixed a desync issue generating lag
Fixed an issue in the Birdhouse map where the players could escape from the 1v1 area
Fixed an issue where the character’s origin (skin tone) could be changed without validation from the player
Fixed forced stance in top right after locking an enemy with an attack
Fixed an issue on Shaman Tunic Overtop where the cloth animation would not be played in specific conditions


Absolver 1.16 / March26, 2018

New content & Improvements

Prestige System Update
The Prestige System Update will expand your possibilities after you hit level 60. You’ll be able to show your Absolver way with new tools:

Change your Character’s appearance (sex, skin, hair type and hair color) by spending Crystals
New haircuts are available
Change your 1v1 introduction cinematic with new ones to buy in the Essence Shop
Create equipment presets, with copy/paste feature, to tweak your Fabsolver
Preview Equipment in the Essence Shop before buying
Dye your masks (not available with all masks)
Players can open up to 100 Rift Coins/Disks in a single button press
Reset attributes now cost 1 crystal
Other quality of life improvements are featured in this update, such as the ability to copy/paste decks in your deck selection menu, making it easier to refine and iterate on your favorite decks.

Schools Update
The 1.16 update features the first steps in the updates we want to make to the School system (there will be more school-related features in the next updates.

Players can now leave a School directly, without having to join a new one
Mentors can now update their School content by spending 1 Crystal
Hayen now has a “Find School by ID” feature
Players can learn attacks from their school decks by using them against enemies
School’s leaderboard is accessible from the School menu
New Gear and 3v3 Maps
Two new 3v3 maps are now available, as well as plenty of new gear, both in the shop and in Rift Coins/Disks.

New remapping options have been added. We also fixed the bugs linked to the older remapping version.
You can now skip Rift Disks/Coins opening animation
3v3 Resource FX have been updated: Polish and optimization of the effects
The movements of the player now have sounds feedbacking more accurately their gear’s material


Attacks Details
The frames values displayed in the attack details panel are now more accurate. It does not necessarily mean that the attacks have changed, the full changes are listed below.


Min stamina cost        5       → 10
Max stamina cost       27.5  → 23

Take into account a more correct value of start-up to compute Attacks’ damage and advantage frames.
Increase damage of medium and strong attacks.
Mobility has a better damage bonus for Light Attacks.
Mobility “Light” has a better Stamina Regen when at the limit with Mobility “Normal”

Decrease the damage reduction

All Stopping Attacks
Impact on guard bonus (+20)
Light changes on attribute grades to allow better damage scaling
Increase stun on guard

Start-Up (a.k.a. Build-Up) (in frames)

Breaking Attacks
Rising Double Hand: (+2)
Pommel Bash: (+1)
Hammer Kick: (-1)
Knee Strike: (-1)
Collar Chop: (-1)
Spiral Palm: (-3)

Charging Attacks
Charged Haymaker: (-2)

Stopping Attacks
Dwit Chagi: (+1)
Crushing Palm: (+1)
Bending Palm: (-1)
Eye Poke: (-1)
Cross Punch: (-2)
Pulmonary Palm: (-5)

Strafing Attacks
Seven Star Thrust: (-3)

Jumping Attacks
Falcon Punch: (-4)

Regular Attacks
Fast Elbow: (+1)
Straight Punch: (-1)
Spinning Wide Hook: (-1)
Spinning High Kick: (-1)
Ankle stamp: (-1)
Spin Elbow: (-1)
Spin Back Fist: (-1)
Crouching Elbow: (-1)
Stretch Out Hook: (-1)
Back Hop Wrist: (-1)
Fast Punch: (-2)
Uramawashi: (-2)
Wallop Blow: (-2)
Chin Palm: (-2)
Upper Elbow: (-2)
Knife Hand Strike: (-2)

Standard Release (a.k.a. Recovery) (in frames)
Direct Punch: (+3)
Jab Punch: (+3)
Back Turn Wrist: (+2)
Fast Back Fist: (+2)
Fast Elbow: (+2)
Parry & Strike: (+1)
Back Hop Wrist: (-1)
Spin Elbow: (-1)

Target & Movement

High → Mid
Cross Punch
Drunk Stomp
Back Fist
Mill Punch
Illusion Twist Kick

Mid → High
Reverse Hips Slash
Sickle Slash
Painstaking Slash
Twist Back Kick
Forward Lean Slash
Mill Slash

Thrust → Horizontal
Jar Bash

Thrust → Vertical
Reverse Rising Thrust

Reverse Twist Slash: High/Thrust → Mid/Vertical
Backfall Strike: Mid/Vertical → High/Thrust

Pommel Attacks
Hit with the arm instead of weapon.


Stun (in frames):
28→ 25 (-3)
Special abilities


Absorb Release (in frames)
0→ 3 (+3)
6→ 9 (+3)

Absorb Successful 
Stamina Bonus 
 20→ 30


Avoid Stamina Cost
10→ 15
Release (in frames)
9→ 10 (+1)

Avoid Successful
Stamina Bonus
40→ 45

Avoided Effect:
Stamina Refill Coeff
x0.3→ x0.5

Stamina Cost
5→ 15
Release (in frames) Cancelled
6→ 8 (+2)

Parry Successful
Stamina Bonus
15→ 30

19→ 16 (-3)

Parry / Absorb / Avoid Successful

Reminder: when Parry / Absorb / Avoid are successful there is no release for the following actions : Dodge, Attacks, Special Ability.

New actions available directly after a successful ability:

Change quadrant
Weapon draw / sheath / drop / pickup



Release (in frames)
Goldlink     1 → 0 (-1)
Standard     9 → 7 (-2)
Range        170cm → 180cm
Damage     35 → 45
Decreased side movement


Range      30cm → 40cm

Cannot avoid Mid/Thrust attacks anymore 


Release (in frames)
Goldlink       3 → 2 (-1)
Standard      11 → 10 (-1)

Game Mode

Overall damage Multiplier    x1.3
Respawn delay                     15s → 10s
Force respawn after              60s → 30s
Zone Health Refill                75/s → 50/s


Improved overall stability
[GAMEPLAY] Attacks that were impossible to learn have been fixed
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed attacks direction
[GAMEPLAY] Shards are now refunded if player is holding his weapon while picking up another weapon on the ground
[GAMEPLAY] Repair players’ weapon when rematch a Combat Trials
[GAMEPLAY] Avoid-related issues should be fixed
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed a bug where the character would become invisible under specific Revive conditions
[GAMEPLAY][PS4] Fixed a bug where the Weapons Attack Ratings had the incorrect information displayed
[LEVEL DESIGN] Fixed several collision issues that could allow the player to go out-of-bounds (Coliseum, Tower of Adal)
[ACHIEVEMENTS] PC-Only: “Adding insult to the injury” achievement can now be unlocked in Russian and Polish languages
[LOCALISATION] Fixed a bug where the Player’s level wouldn’t appear in the Combat Trial panel in the Brazilian language
[SFX] Fixed a bug where characters’ voices were mixed up
[SFX] Fixed a bug where no sound feedback was played in the Inventory Menu
[CHARACTER] Fixed a bug where no difference was noticeable between the Original and Brighter when dying the Prospect Gloves
[CHARACTER] Fixed a bug where colors were swapped on some shoes when the user attempted to dye them. Concerned shoes are: Prospect shoes, Forest caller shoes, Orate Leader shoes, Towerpoint boots
[UI] The Server Connection Failed error message is not duplicated anymore
[WORLD] Fixed various LODs issues
[OPTIMISATION] Fixed a bug where the FPS would drop when quickly changing selection several times
[OPTIMISATION] Fixed a bug where the player’s gear textures would swap to low-resolution after a transition in the World
[ONLINE] Fixed some matchmaking issues, improving overall quality of match-ups


Absolver 1.15 / Febuary 7, 2018

[GAMEPLAY] Attacks that were impossible to learn have been fixed
[CRASH] Several crashes have been fixed for PC and PS4


Absolver 1.14 / January 31, 2018

[GAMEPLAY] Fixed Revived animation being stuck when the rescuer was interrupted by a hit
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed avoided not slowing down and not preventing use of perfect link

Kahlt freeze frames have been reverted back to 1.12 state for this patch
Kahlt stamina cost increased 10 → 15
Tweaked gold link timings previously changed to have a better game feel
Tweaked standard release (recovery) to have a lesser difference with gold link timings
Tweaked knockback in guard previously changed


Absolver 1.13 / January 25, 2018

New Game Details
First of all we wanted to shed some light on how some systems work in Absolver.
In the attributes panel, you can now see how your Combat Style bonuses impact your attribute points. It will make it easier for you to manage your attribute points and see where the soft caps start.

We also added a detailed version of each attack’s parameters and you can access in the attacks list panel. It features values such as range, impact on guard, stamina cost, advantage frames on hit (in gold link), etc.
We hope you’ll like it.

Gameplay Updates
Now in terms of gameplay changes, we focused on allowing more viable options to the builds you create.

Firstly, we reduced the Combat Style attribute bonuses. They were too high and did not allow you to make really meaningful choices. Now, having 2 attributes at max value will have a strong impact on the other ones.
We also increased the number of attacks having damage scaling to have strength, dexterity, and mobility become more viable attributes.

Secondly, we balanced most of the attacks. Keep in mind that because attacks can be used in different contexts (before or after any attack, with different combat styles, etc.), we need to take into account the whole roster of attacks to balance them properly. So when we work on balancing, it can impact all the attacks.

Other important point: we have fixed a nasty bug that sped up 17 attacks (including Back Tripped Kick, Double Fist Stretch and Grab Punch) and slowed down 17 others (like Spinning Wide Hook and Collar Chop) under specific conditions linked to absorb.

The main change is that we now define the gold link release value specifically for all attacks (previously it was set depending on the attack damage), and as such, we nerfed the gold link release value of fast avoid attacks and most of the fast sword attacks.
Fast avoid attacks, like Jumped Light Kick or Back Tripped Kick, were overused compared to normal fast attacks. By impacting their release value we hope to fix this. For info, their damage and damage scaling ability were already lower than normal attacks.
We applied the same kind of gold link adjustment to fast sword attacks to slowdown the pacing of the sword a bit and allow more predictability.
As a consequence, damage computation does not take the normal release in account anymore, but the gold link one. This change affects all the attacks.
For instance, Stagger Style attacks such as Hadrunken, Handstand Kick, and Donkey Slap have lost 10-15% of their damage, and attacks such as Cross Punch, Pulmonary Palm, Bending Palm have gained 10% of damage.

Thirdly, we made a move towards creating more combat variety by making the weapons more reliable.
We increased the durability & disarm gauge of all weapons as well as the disarm regen overtime when you are holding the weapon. This means that weapons will break less, and it will be harder to disarm opponents. On top of that, folding back your weapon now gives you back an amount of shards depending on the shard cost of the weapon and its current durability ratio.
We think that these changes will create more strategy around sheathing and getting back a lost weapon.

Lastly, we worked on balancing Combat Styles.
The data we have show that Kahlt users have the biggest win ratio (59%), followed by Forsaken (51%), Windfall (47%), and then Stagger (42%).
We decided to try out some changes until we extract and analyze more detailed data (skill rating, combat deck, etc.).

We added a bonus effect lasting 5s when a Stagger character avoids an attack with any avoiding attack (including its own special attacks). This bonus effect gives “stamina regen x1.2”, “actions stamina cost x0.8”, and is stackable (similarly to the bonus effect given by the Kahlt absorb).
We also increased the “stun on hit” of the stagger special attacks, and a little bit of their range.

We increased the stamina gain on avoid successful (35 -> 40), and the slowdown when avoided.

We added freeze frames (6 frames) on the attacker when “absorbed”. After the freeze frames, the attacker can still perform a gold link attack. It’s a slight buff against fast light attacks but will have no real impact on medium/strong attacks.
In return, these freeze frames force the Kahlt player to perform his ability twice against double-hit attacks.
We also doubled the stamina cost of the absorb ability (5 -> 10)

New content
Added new 3v3 intro and outro animations, specific to combat style
Level Design modifications on the Oratian Quarters map
AFK feature: inactive players are warned, then kicked from 1v1 and 3v3 games after 60 seconds.

[SFX] Debug on intro music
[SFX] Various tweaks on music and SFX events
[Gameplay] Debug on timer notification for extra time
[Gameplay] Debug on 3v3 maps: invisible walls should not occur anymore
[UI] Fixed issue where points gauges would not update when joining an active game

OVERALL Design Updates
Add stamina regen bonus (x1.2) & actions stamina cost (x0.8) during 5s when avoid with an attack.
Increase range & stun of stagger special attacks

Windfall Avoid:
Increase stamina gain (35 → 40)
Slowdown increased when avoided

Kahlt Absorb:
Add freeze frames (6) on attacker
Increase stamina cost (5 → 10)

Increase stun 20 → 30
Decrease knockback when blocked 168 → 100cm
Remove stamina instant bonus
Decrease stamina regen bonus

Combat Style attribute bonuses have been decreased & attack damage scaling increased
Increase weapons durability & disarm gauge. Give back amount of shards when sheath weapon

Balancing on all attacks:
Gold link release set specifically per attack
Damage take in account this release
Grab Punch: start-up increased 19 → 21
Breaking attacks: increase knockback when blocked
Charging attacks: decrease damage and damage scaling
Increase slightly impact on stamina when guarding
Dodge anti-spam: increase release 13 → 16 (no changes when cancelled by attack or special ability)

[Gameplay] Fixed a bug where some attacks had a faster startup than expected after absorbing a hit (including Grab Punch and Back Tripped Kick)
[Gameplay] Fixed a bug where Donkey Slap 2nd hit does not connect after absorbing a hit
[Gameplay] Fixed Twist Parry Strike active frames
[Gameplay] Fixed parry direction for Twist Hips Slash and Parry Slash
[Gameplay] Set the target on middle for Spiral Palm
[Gameplay] Moved the startup visual feedback on the other arm for Collar Chop
[Dye] Various debug on dye issues with some cloaks and undertops
[Text] Various text typos fixes in English language
[SFX] Various tweaks on music and SFX events in the World and cutscenes
[UI] Debug on picto issues
[Menu] Essence Shop: Fixed a warglove issue in the shop: Barbarian War Gloves are now available
[1v1] Fixed a bug occurring when the user score was not reset after matchmaking with a different opponent
[Gear] Fixed a bug where the Tear Chief Undertop would have better stats when broken compared to repaired

The Attribute panel has been updated
Menu: The Credit menu has been updated
Dye Menu: The Dye menu layout has been updated
Attacks’ advanced details have been added
We updated the error message displayed when a player can’t get online.


Patch 1.11 / December 7, 2017

3v3 Combat Trial – Overtake
Overtake Combat Trial is played with 6 players, two teams of 3
“Coop 3v3 Match”: play with your coop group against other players in 3v3 game modes
3 Maps are available in this mode

Private matches
Private 1v1: “Friendly Match” play against a player in your coop group

Prestige expanded
Players can now exchange fragments for Gear and Weapons 
Players can now exchange crystals for Emotes
New gear is available through the Prestige System
Players can now dye their equipment with fragments

Anticheat v.1
Detected cheaters are now automatically kicked from online play. Additional measures may be implemented, please let us know if you encounter cheaters/hackers.

New screen ratios support
21:9 monitor are now fully supported, as well as other screen ratios

Players can now customize their emote wheel with newly obtained emotes
Equipment menu have been slightly updated to fit better with the new features
Log feed has been updated
Matchmaking can now be launched from the post-fight menu in Combat Trials

Players can now fight in both Day and Night versions of the Combat Trials maps
Combat Trial Maps are now running at 60FPS on PS4
Various debug in the Main Map (collisions, LODs, shader optimization)
Lighting issues have been fixed, no more black assets
Various debug on all FX

Parry :
active frame reduced from 7 to 5 (same value as absorb ability)
Gravity :
hit character goes in overweight state
overweight now also impact lockmove speed
guard impact reduced from 50 to 15
stun reduced from 32 to 20, and block stun from 18 to 12
Earthquake & exhaust :
“charging” property replaced by Absorb property during buildup
Shield :
add Absorb property during buildup

Kuretz & Risryn now give the intended amount of XP

Fixed some issues regarding keyboard + mouse behavior when scrolling and right-clicking
Fixed some issues with sound, especially regarding to reverb effect and missing audios on some attacks
Fixed some infinite loadings issues
[Gameplay] Avoid successful now always affects opponent (slow down)
[Gameplay] Player cannot use shards after being silenced anymore
[Gameplay] Charging attacks are now always interrupted when hit twice

Absolver Patch 1.10 / November 11, 2017


[Design] Lower XP gains when defeating Level 3 boss and beyond
[Design] Higher XP gains in Combat Trials
[Design] Cost of Rift Disks changed to 5 Crystals
[Design] Marked ones have been reverted to their original form. Halloween masks now only available through Rift Disks.
> The very high amount of XP given by Bosses made it too easy to farm XP and prestige levels in PvE, which was not the original intention, so this has been rebalanced. Combat Trials also now give more XP, so players will now win Prestige levels and Crystals faster. Rift Disks cost has also been updated to reflect this change.

1.10 and 1.09 also include a number of bugfixes to improve the overall experience.

Absolver "Halloween" Patch 1.08 / October 26, 2017

New Content

  • Prestige levels unlocked after level 60
  • Rift Coins replace random loot drops in Combat Trials
  • Rift Disks allow to get rarer equipment and weapons
  • Win Crystals at each Prestige level
  • Spend Crystals to reset Attribute points
  • Spend Crystals to acquire Rift Disks
  • Inventory management: Sort by, Salvage and Repair.

New Equipment:

  • 4 new Sets
  • 3 new Absolver Cloaks
  • 9 new Masks, including 6 Halloween masks dropped by Marked Ones
  • 1v1 maps are now in night mode (temporary)
  • New “Bald” haircut available at character creation!

Parry :

Almost all attacks, including thrust attacks, now require a specific parry direction to be countered (exceptions: Hadrunken, Obvious Slash and bare-hands Rush Attack for Stagger style)

Rush :

Decrease rush acceleration
Closer rush camera
Rush attacks: increase stun duration
Rush attacks: decrease knockback
Note: These are first steps to address fleeing behaviour.
Rush attacks were intended to counter players fleeing, but until now the player hit by a rush attack had the time to rush again directly after. With a longer stun and shorter knockback for the rush attacks, and a slower acceleration for the rush, the issue should be less present.
Also the new rush camera is closer to the character, so the player has not the whole vision of their surroundings, and it feedbacks more clearly when the character is rushing.

Camera :

The camera position is now lower when close to walls.
Shockwave :

Range 230cm -> 280cm (as before 1.06) BUT knockback now depends on distance to caster (from 280 when close to the caster, to 84 when at the limit of the range)
Items :

Added rarity levels to all equipment
Updated drop rates (Rift Coins and Rift Disks)

[GAMEPLAY] 1v1 rematch : clear shards
[GAMEPLAY] Shards cannot be filled in practice anymore
[GAMEPLAY] Charging attacks now lose their property when parried
[GAMEPLAY] Silence power cannot be used without a target
[GAMEPLAY] Parrying a double hit attack doesn’t result in being hit by second hit anymore
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed issue in which character finished in the wrong ending stance when being hit while changing stance
[NETWORK] Fixed a bug in hit knockback resulting in some awkward teleportation
[NETWORK] Fixed dodge position replication
[SAVES] The game now detects if save is not valid and rollbacks to previous save if needed
[AI] Fixed a bug when AI would get stuck after a player’s successful dodge
[SFX] Fixed issue with boss gate SFX sound was playing in PvP maps and during boss fights.
[DESIGN] Loot drops in Rift Coins and Rift Disks now give items in different color variants

Absolver Patch 1.07 / September 22, 2017

Update 1.07 has just been uploaded on Steam to correct these issues:

– we have identified a bug which caused animations to play incorrectly and hits not to be detected: this has been fixed and is included in the 1.07 update.

– from a gameplay side, we probably made too many changes at the same time; we have therefore reverted changes made to the dodge mechanic, and done some tweaks to ranges and guard impact of previously changed attacks.

*We are actively working on other remaining issues (loading and disconnect issues in Combat Trials, amongst others). - Sloclap

Absolver Patch 1.06 / September 20, 2017


Fixed power loss issue (powers will be given back to the player)
Fixed bugs in schools menu
Fixed item loss issue in inventory menu
Fixed crash in cutscene
Improved Combat Trials disconnection issue
General Stability improvement


Special abilities
Absorb successful :
increase ghost damage refill (x2)
decrease stamina bonus (50 -> 20)
add +20 protection during 5s

Avoid successful :
decrease stamina bonus (40 -> 35) increase stamina cost 5 -> 10
Character avoided :
Decrease stamina refill (x0.3) during 1.5s
Stamina malus (-10)

Parry successful :
decrease stamina bonus (30 -> 15)

Stagger style :
decrease range of side special attacks (190 -> 145)

Decrease range and impact on guard of fastest attacks
Increase impact on guard of Breaking attacks

health refill on kill now take in account the health ratio of both players at the beginning of the round

Increase weight/mobility impact on stamina
Increase dodge iFrames (2 -> 4)
Keep shards after death

Shockwave :
cost 2 shards
decrease range
add stamina bonus + boost stamina refill during 5s

Decreased maximum number of enemy AIs spawned at the same time
Improved some enemy AIs detection range
Fixed navigation issue in Oratian Quarter zone

Fixed out of bounds issue in Adalian Columbary arena
Modification on the cross arena

“Victory” & “Defeat” localized
Corrected misspelled english texts
Fixed cut off localized texts
School creation: added notification confirmation when school is successfully created
Social menu: “offline”/”online” information replaced by a colored dot

NEW: Added six unique masks in the Guidance Bridge, inspired by Devolver Digital games
Collision and navigation bugfixes
Performance Optimization

NEW: Added two new tracks to 1v1 Game Mode
NEW: added variety on foleys
Sound corruption issue improvement

Patch 1.03 (PS4, PC)

"Below are the patch notes for update 1.03 that is rolling out now. Please note that we are continuing work on online stability and server availability for players around the world."

  • Date: September 1st 2017
  • Platform: PS4, PC - Version 103

PlayStation 4

  • Code
  • Crash fix related to combo edition
  • Engine crash fixes than can produce corrupted save data
  • Crash fix on dialog
  • Improved overall stability


  • Fixed waterfall shader issue


  • Code
  • Crash fix related to combo edition
  • Engine crash fixes than can produce corrupted save data
  • Crash fix on dialog
  • Improved overall stability

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