Patches and Patch Notes for Absolver are special game changes and updates delivered by Sloclap to add content or balance the game. A full list of patches is provided in descending chronological order.


Patch Notes

Absolver Patch 1.10 / November 11, 2017


[Design] Lower XP gains when defeating Level 3 boss and beyond
[Design] Higher XP gains in Combat Trials
[Design] Cost of Rift Disks changed to 5 Crystals
[Design] Marked ones have been reverted to their original form. Halloween masks now only available through Rift Disks.
> The very high amount of XP given by Bosses made it too easy to farm XP and prestige levels in PvE, which was not the original intention, so this has been rebalanced. Combat Trials also now give more XP, so players will now win Prestige levels and Crystals faster. Rift Disks cost has also been updated to reflect this change.

1.10 and 1.09 also include a number of bugfixes to improve the overall experience.

Absolver "Halloween" Patch 1.08 / October 26, 2017

New Content

  • Prestige levels unlocked after level 60
  • Rift Coins replace random loot drops in Combat Trials
  • Rift Disks allow to get rarer equipments and weapons
  • Win Crystals at each Prestige level
  • Spend Crystals to reset Attribute points
  • Spend Crystals to acquire Rift Disks
  • Inventory management: Sort by, Salvage and Repair.

New Equipment:

  • 4 new Sets
  • 3 new Absolver Cloaks
  • 9 new Masks, including 6 Halloween masks dropped by Marked Ones
  • 1v1 maps are now in night mode (temporary)
  • New “Bald” haircut available at character creation!

Parry :

Almost all attacks, including thrust attacks, now require a specific parry direction to be countered (exceptions: Hadrunken, Obvious Slash and bare-hands Rush Attack for Stagger style)

Rush :

Decrease rush acceleration
Closer rush camera
Rush attacks: increase stun duration
Rush attacks: decrease knockback
Note: These are first steps to address fleeing behaviour.
Rush attacks were intended to counter players fleeing, but until now the player hit by a rush attack had the time to rush again directly after. With a longer stun and shorter knockback for the rush attacks, and a slower acceleration for the rush, the issue should be less present.
Also the new rush camera is closer to the character, so the player has not the whole vision of their surroundings, and it feedbacks more clearly when the character is rushing.

Camera :

The camera position is now lower when close to walls.
Shockwave :

Range 230cm -> 280cm (as before 1.06) BUT knockback now depends on distance to caster (from 280 when close to the caster, to 84 when at the limit of the range)
Items :

Added rarity levels to all equipments
Updated drop rates (Rift Coins and Rift Disks)

[GAMEPLAY] 1v1 rematch : clear shards
[GAMEPLAY] Shards cannot be filled in practice anymore
[GAMEPLAY] Charging attacks now lose their property when parried
[GAMEPLAY] Silence power cannot be used without a target
[GAMEPLAY] Parrying a double hit attack doesn’t result in being hit by second hit anymore
[GAMEPLAY] Fixed issue in which character finished in the wrong ending stance when being hit while changing stance
[NETWORK] Fixed a bug in hit knockback resulting in some awkward teleportation
[NETWORK] Fixed dodge position replication
[SAVES] The game now detects if save is not valid and rollbacks to previous save if needed
[AI] Fixed a bug when AI would get stuck after a player’s successful dodge
[SFX] Fixed issue with boss gate SFX sound was playing in PvP maps and during boss fights.
[DESIGN] Loot drops in Rift Coins and Rift Disks now give items in different color variants

Absolver Patch 1.07 / September 22, 2017

Update 1.07 has just been uploaded on Steam to correct these issues:

– we have identified a bug which caused animations to play incorrectly and hits not to be detected: this has been fixed and is included in the 1.07 update.

– from a gameplay side, we probably made too many changes at the same time; we have therefore reverted changes made to the dodge mechanic, and done some tweaks to ranges and guard impact of previously changed attacks.

*We are actively working on other remaining issues (loading and disconnect issues in Combat Trials, amongst others). - Sloclap

Absolver Patch 1.06 / September 20, 2017


Fixed power loss issue (powers will be given back to the player)
Fixed bugs in schools menu
Fixed item loss issue in inventory menu
Fixed crash in cutscene
Improved Combat Trials disconnection issue
General Stability improvement


Special abilities
Absorb successful :
increase ghost damage refill (x2)
decrease stamina bonus (50 -> 20)
add +20 protection during 5s

Avoid successful :
decrease stamina bonus (40 -> 35) increase stamina cost 5 -> 10
Character avoided :
Decrease stamina refill (x0.3) during 1.5s
Stamina malus (-10)

Parry successful :
decrease stamina bonus (30 -> 15)

Stagger style :
decrease range of side special attacks (190 -> 145)

Decrease range and impact on guard of fastest attacks
Increase impact on guard of Breaking attacks

health refill on kill now take in account the health ratio of both players at the beginning of the round

Increase weight/mobility impact on stamina
Increase dodge iFrames (2 -> 4)
Keep shards after death

Shockwave :
cost 2 shards
decrease range
add stamina bonus + boost stamina refill during 5s

Decreased maximum number of enemy AIs spawned at the same time
Improved some enemy AIs detection range
Fixed navigation issue in Oratian Quarter zone

Fixed out of bounds issue in Adalian Columbary arena
Modification on the cross arena

“Victory” & “Defeat” localised
Corrected misspelled english texts
Fixed cut off localised texts
School creation: added notification confirmation when school is successfully created
Social menu: “offline”/”online” information replaced by a colored dot

NEW: Added six unique masks in the Guidance Bridge, inspired by Devolver Digital games
Collision and navigation bugfixes
Performance Optimization

NEW: Added two new tracks to 1v1 Game Mode
NEW: added variety on foleys
Sound corruption issue improvement

Patch 1.03 (PS4, PC)

"Below are the patch notes for update 1.03 that is rolling out now. Please note that we are continuing work on online stability and server availability for players around the world."

  • Date: September 1st 2017
  • Platform: PS4, PC - Version 103

PlayStation 4

  • Code
  • Crash fix related to combo edition
  • Engine crash fixes than can produce corrupted save data
  • Crash fix on dialog
  • Improved overall stability


  • Fixed waterfall shader issue


  • Code
  • Crash fix related to combo edition
  • Engine crash fixes than can produce corrupted save data
  • Crash fix on dialog
  • Improved overall stability

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