Trophy & Achievements for Absolver. You can find more details on this roadmap guide.


Trophies & Achievements in Absolver



Earn all trophies

Smells like Victory

Win 1 PVP Duel
To enter a duel or combat trial, you need an online connection. See the Multiplayer page on the wiki for information

Warming up

Reach Game Mode Level 5

Gear up

Loot 1 weapon
Any weapon that you loot will unlock this trophy – here's the list of weapons.

Make your Move

Master 1 new Attack
Fighting and defeating opponents teaches you new Attacks. Click the link for  a full list!

This is Adal!

Push AI off ledge
Corner an AI towards a cliff. The easiest play to do this is: //work in progress//

White Belt

Join a school
Schools are a specific martial arth path. Find more information here.

Double-edged Sword

Kill your opponent with his own weapon in 1v1

Talem's Secret

Open all Cairns with one character

Black Belt

Become a disciple of your school

Student becomes Teacher

Create a school


Kill Kuretz

Cargal & Kilnor

Kill Cargal & Kilnor


Kill Risryn

Finding your Marks

Kill all marked ones with one character

You were like a brother to me!

Have Cargal kill Kilnor (or the opposite)

Survival of the Fittest

Kill 100 Players Character (Any Character)

Worthy Opponents

Kill all bosses in their last level with one character

Master of Styles

Unlock all fighting styles with one character


Become an Absolver

The Grandmaster

Master all attacks with one character

Adding insult to injury

Unlock Calbot

Getting serious

Reach Game Mode Level 100

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