Bosses in Absolver are unique enemies the player must face against. Some of these Bosses are referred to as Marked-Ones. There are also bosses you can unlock only when you reached certain levels in Combat Trials.


Marked Ones

 Major Bosses

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    • You can aquire the all of the bosses masks, even the marked ones trough fighting them. You might get other things that they wear, like shoes or clothes, but the masks that the bosses wear can be aquired trough fighting them, altought they are a very rare drop so you might have to spend time farming for their masks. For example, Revario can drop the "Upside down" mask that he wears, Ama Saba can drop her dope hoodie, Angrel can drop the Motherland mask, Ristael drops his "whatever the ***** that mask is" mask and so goes for all the named bosses. But remember, when you defeat these guys and they drop something, it's usually something they wear, because the masks are *****ing rare. The "Major bosses" will have a guarantee drop after you fight them, for example Kuret's will drop his fur at his first level, then his robe with spikes, and lastly his mask, this goes for all the other bosses aswell, but they will drop something different and some***** that makes them kinda "stick out". Also remember that these masks and clothes can mostly be earned trought Combat Trials. One last thing, because I might get questions about this*****. I have no *****ing idea if the masks you get will be clean or dirty, because I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ONE YET, so just ask someone else or look it up. That's all for me *****s, I hope it helped you, now ***** off. Oh and yes, you can rebattle bosses if you've unlocked their last level.

      • Anonymous

        It is known you can't rebattle major bosses until certain combat trial level but what about after that? For example if one has 60 ct level (has unlocked 3rd encounter for all bosses) can they fight all bosses as much as they want?

        • Anonymous

          I was able to get Jinn Mesca's mask the first time I fought him, but after fighting Ama Saba numerous times I haven't been able to get any armor drops, let alone her mask. Are you able to get boss armor from beating them or is Jinn different because he's not a marked one?

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