Walkthrough for Absolver's single-player path, to be taken as a progress guide only!

Absolver Walkthrough



After the opening cinematic you will begin the game next to a waterfall. There is only one way to go at this point, so follow the path until you reach the Plains of Adal.


Plains of Adal

Head right and begin the tutorial area. There are many enemies here, and you will learn the basics of combat. Be sure to break open all doors to get more xp. After defeating all the enemies you will come to a locked door that tells you to defeat Silan. Head up the stairs on the right and defeat the enemy there. Head further up the stairs and defeat two more enemies (you should level up at this point). You can Meditate to spend your Attribute point.

Head forward and defeat the next opponent. Just down the stairs is a door on the right that is a shortcut back to where the locked door was. Open it and then head forward and defeat Silan. You should again level up at this point. Head back and open the locked door now and speak with Talem. Once finished you will be able to practice in your Combat Deck. Continue forward and defeat the enemies ahead, being mindful of the ambush. This will take you to a cut scene and the next area: Guidance Bridge.


Guidance Bridge

Head forward, following the path and inside the the structure here. Here will be the first Altar you will find in Absolver, allowing you to participate in a variety of multiplayer modes. Use it to save your progress and then speak with the man here. He will tell you about some targets you must defeat called Marked Ones. Once finished you can go three different ways. Heading out the triangle-like doorway on your left will take you to Central Harbor. Heading up the longer of the two stairs here and following the path will take you to the Tower of Adal. Heading up the short set of stairs and out the doorway will take you to Hunting Path. You can choose any of the three.


Hunting Path

Head forward down the hill, following the path here. Up ahead you will see a slight fork with an NPC on the right and a way to go on the left. Speak with him and then head left. Here head left under the log and face the two enemies here. There is a Cairn here you can loot that contains Silan Bracelets. Remember you can heal if you need to by pressing left on the d-pad. There are a few more enemies here, defeat them and pick up the weapon in the stump. There is an Altar just up the hill from this Sword and a Cairn with Leather Shoulder Pads.

Head under the log and defeat the enemy here and then face Revario. He isn't overly hard and you should be able to get him in a few tries. Long range attacks, like kicks, work well. He will grant the Earthquake power. If you head up the hill to the right behind him there is an enemy and some loot: Tear Chief Overtop. If you head up the hill on the other side you will find Silan Chest Armor in a Cairn there. Head back to the Altar and decide where you want to go.

You can either go through the pillars and into the cave back down the hill in this area and to the Forgotten Temple. Or you can continue on the path nearby leading across a small wooden bridge and go to Bird Callers Outpost. These three areas are all connected so no matter which way you go you'll be going in a large circle.


Forgotten Temple


Head straight through the water and into the temple grounds. There are about half a dozen enemies here, and some are more difficult than others. On the left is a Cairn containing Tear Chief Shoes. If you didn't speak with the NPC in Hunting Path, he will appear here above you on the log you passed under to come into the temple grounds. There is also a sword in the ground here. Up ahead on the right side of the temple are more enemies and Tear Chief Pants in a Cairn on the right. Just up ahead is an Altar.

From here you can go three ways. Head inside the temple and defeat Angrel. He is rather difficult, and feints work well against him, as does immediately dodging any time he absorbs. He will grant you Fast Punch and Shield. Once defeated head back out and go to the Altar. From the Altar go left past the temple and loot the Uring Rider Elbow Pad on the ground and then head right up the hill. This will take you to Bird Callers Outpost.


Bird Callers Outpost

Directly ahead is an Altar and then you can head into the village or head right. Going right will take you to Hunting Path. Head into the village defeat the enemies there. There is a sword laying in the middle of circle here you can pick up. If you head up the hill on the left and defeat the enemies, you will find a Cairn in the building above the Boss of this area containing Forest Dweller Gloves. In the building below is the Boss: Ama Saba. She uses the Windfall technique and strikes with a lot of high kicks, so ducking is useful here. There is also the sword nearby, that you can use if you need it. Just grab it and sprint and fight. After defeating Ama, you'll want to head to your now left as you look out of the building. Defeat the few enemies here and head up the hill to Adalian Columbary.


Adalian Columbary


Head forward and up the steps here. There are some Orate Keeper Shoes in a pot on the right-hand side as you come up the stairs. Inside the building will be a glowing whitish light. If you touch it you will face Cargal & Kilnor in battle. It is a 2 on 1 fight, so it's quite challenging. You'll have to switch targets often and use Heal as often as you can. If you defeat them you will gain the Curved Sword. Then head forward and use the Altar on the left. Head up the path and defeat the enemies there. you can find the primary disciple of the golden bottle on this path as well. Up ahead is a Sword and another enemy. Once finished, head up the steps and into the Tower of Adal


Tower of Adal

Head forward through the buildings until you come to a door, which you must open. Head through it and across the small bridge and defeat the enemy here. Up ahead in the building is an Altar. At this point you can go 3 different directions: straight, up or right.

Right - If you head right there is an enemy here and a path leading up and over some rubble that leads back to Guidance Bridge (if you came here first this is where you will begin).

Forward - If you head forward there will be an NPC here telling you about the Marked Gate. If you head left of him there are some enemies there and after you defeat them you can either head up the Tower or head outside. If you head outside there are more enemies and eventually a gate that can only be opened after all the Marked Ones are dead. To the left of the gate is a Cairn containing: Fang Li Noble Shoes. To the right of the Gate are some steps and many more enemies. After defeating them loot the Cairn to find the: Fang Li Noble Pants. There is also a Sword nearby. If you look down, you will see a pit on your left, with seemingly no way to get there. There is a set of stairs near it, with a hole you can pass through on the right side (right side of the stairs) that will allow you to drop into the pit. In there you will fight Dormek who will drop the Silence power. There is also a Cairn containing: Elite Scout Belt. Now you can head up.

Up - Heading up the massive stairs, will take you to a walkway and eventually a wide open arena outside with some enemies. Defeat them and head down the path at the far end of this arena. There is a Cairn next to this path that contains: Old Ceremonial Pants. Head through the building and across the rickety bridge, being a careful not to fall to your death. Make your way through the village and across another bridge to the Oratian Quarter.


Oratian Quarter

Take the ramp down and head left to the Cairn that contains: Shabu Guard Hawk Pad. Then double back and keep going down the ramp and head into the building and defeat the enemies. At this point you can either go forward, left or down the stairs on the right. Head left, defeat the tough enemies here and head down the ramp at the back. You will be ambushed, so be careful. Defeat the enemies and then head around and through the building to find 2 more. Defeating them will put you right where you would have been had you gone down the stairs earlier.

Head forward and all the way left to find an enemy guarding a Cairn containing: Orate Keeper Gloves. Then double back and make your way up to Talem, who is waiting on the second floor of a nearby crumbling building. Speak to him and then head up the ramp opposite of him and across the wooden walkway. Head through the building to arrive in Central Harbor.


Central Harbor

Once in Central Harbor head immediately down the steps on your right and fight the 4th Boss: Lamren. He uses the Windfall technique and will drop Shockwave when defeated. Loot the nearby Cairn to acquire: Hunter Pads. Then follow the path and defeat the enemy here. You can head left or right, but right will take you back to Guidance Bridge. So, head left and down to the water's edge and defeat the enemies here and loot the Cairn at the far end to get: Elite Scout Plates. Then head back up and straight into the building area here. There are tons of enemies and sword in the corner in the right. Heading straight up the stairs here will put you where you entered the area. Exploring the area you will find an Altar, a Cairn up near the entrance that has: New Uring Belt. There is also a Ceremonial Keffir laying on the ground guarded by a Prospect up some steps here. Near here there is a path leading to Raslan Coliseum.


Raslan Coliseum

Head right and speak with Talem. Then head into the Coliseum and touch the white light there to fight Kuretz. He is relatively easy himself, but he does some tons of Prospects to help him, and though weak, they can be a pain. He drops Spike Turtle War Gloves. Smash the pots in a room nearby to find: Lost Prospect Mask. Head through the door on the right side of the Coliseum, almost where you entered, it's close.

Head down under and head right and defeat the enemies here and loot the Tear Gloves from the Cairn here. Then double back and investigate the otherside beneath. If you head up the stairs immediately on the left side here, there will be an enemy, a locked door that says you must defeat Jinn Mesca to open and a Tear Gatherer Shirt in a pot you can break. There is also an Altar here. Drop down and head back up to the Coliseum.

Head through the door on the left-side of the Coliseum. Defeat the enemies and head all the way up the stairs to face Ristael. He drops the Gravity power once defeated. Once finished head back down a flight of stairs, and across some rubble to find some more enemies and a path. Head through the doorway and loot the Cairn to obtain: Tear Chief Mask. Then continue down the path to the Oratian Quarter.


Oratian Quarter

Ahead you will see what looks like a man talking with a statue. Head left and defeat the enemies. Behind them in some rubble is a Cairn containing Fang Li Noble Undertop. Double back and head through the archway to find an Altar around the bend. Head forward, through another archway and defeat the enemy near the statue. Left is a pot containing Tribal Pants. Double back and head towards the open area through another doorway. Head up and around on the right and you will see familar ground. Find the doorway here and speak with the NPC who will tell you about starting a School. At this point you need to head to Tower of Adal and open the Marked Gate and head to Essence Reserves.


Essence Reserves

Defeat the enemies here and then head up the stairs. There are a couple more enemies here and a stairs on the left and one on the right. Head up the left stairs and defeat the enemies along the pathway. Keep heading up the stairs (they all lead to the same place) until you come to a Cairn which contains the Folded Eyes Mask. Then keep heading up and defeating enemies. There is a sword in a ring-like area here and then a large flight of steps leading up just above. At the top of these stairs head left up another flight of stairs. This will take you to the Imperial Quarters.


Imperial Quarters


Head forward and left until you see a tree in a small courtyard and then head right. There is only one way to head at this point, despite appearances. Here there will be a circular library with the Mentor NPC you can speak with and he will tell you about some history of Raslan. Once finished talking, make your way across and head up the stairs, and then again up another set of stairs. There are two staircases but they all go to the same place. Eventually you will make your way to an Altar outside with a glowing white light up ahead. Touch it to fight Risryn. After you defeat her you will receive the Absolver Cloak and the Risryn Sword. You will be transported to Guidance Bridge where you will begin the journey all over again against tougher opponents.


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