Wiki To-Do List

There needs to be a general rework of the entire wiki, at least to the point where it is up to date on information regarding the game. This will in turn make new players more likely to keep playing, as well as providing a hub of information that can be used to play more competitively.


The priority should be put on completing the already existing pages, and then moving on to adding the new content information, including the following:

1) Information on the Faejin combat style

2) New gear (including weapons and armor)

3) New gamemode (Downfall)


Last updated: February 6, 2019

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    • Anonymous

      If im willing to gather info on each lost prospect and document it here, how would I name them? Is there any document that gives them names? Im thinking calling them by the chest and/or shoulderpieces they wear, but having some reference sure would be nice.

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