Classes/Styles in Absolver will be covered on this page. Each absolver makes use of one of four different styles. Upon starting the game the player can select Forsaken, Kahlt or Windfall, learning Stagger and the other unselected styles is possible later down the line through the school system. The choice of style will determine the starting moves and style the character has access to.

All styles can be learned by the same character and the player is free to switch at will between the ones they have unlocked or are learning from a school.



    • Anonymous

      01 Aug 2018 11:22  

      how do I switch my Kahlt class to a stagger class? I'm sick of the crappy timing on the absorb ability and I heard and have seen that stagger is devastating to those who haven't learned to counter them.

      • Anonymous

        29 May 2018 06:47  

        well, one thing you could do is to judge what side their hands are on, what stance they are, whatever side their hands are on, the attack would propably be coming from that side.

        • Anonymous

          11 May 2018 17:11  

          Do you guys have any hint for me on how to master the Forsaken Style's Parry??? Because i keep missing it and thats frustrating. Like a hint on how you can see where the enemy is going to attack. Thanks in Advance

          • Anonymous

            12 Sep 2017 18:44  

            Seriously? just one non-starter style?
            I like how the trailer or w/e said that "but others exist"
            as in other!S!, therefore more than 1.


            • Anonymous

              28 Aug 2017 14:37  

              From what I have been hearing; Windfall will be the most popular. Followed by Kahlt and Stagger equally. Looks like I'm going Forsaken.

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