Forsaken is a Combat Style in Absolver. It is one of the 3 initial styles you can choose from at the start of the game. It is an offensive style, allowing you to Parry the enemy's attacks and counter-attack.





The movements of this combat style have been refined and balanced over the years to allow for great versatility.

Balanced style with a slight focus on Strength.

Stat point efficiency grades

 Strength - B

Dexterity - C

Vitality - C

Endurance - C

Will - D

Difficulty :



Ability: Parry

Completely blocks the incoming attack and stuns the opponent briefly, allowing you to counter-attack. Parry is bidirectional, to use it one must input the same direction from which the incoming attack hits slightly before it does. It is thematically a high risk high reward style.

A parry will stun the opponent long enough to make an attack, with a startup of 15 frames or less, guaranteed on a successful parry, as long as it is buffered (inputed right after the parry). Currently, due to (most likely) latency, it is possible to land 16 frame attacks fairly consistently and, ocasionally, even 17 frame attacks. The ideal attacks to buffer are curled up uppercut (15 frames), Cleaver Blow (16 frames) and Side Kick (17 frames), as these have the highest damage of all moves with their respective startup values and grant good frame advantage on hit.

Due to the dominance the best players have shown with this style, the consistency of the deffensive ability and the guaranteed damage, most agree that it is superior to all other methods.

Having fast reaction speed is highly beneficial for Forsaken players; attacks have only a limited window to be feinted, and feints themselves make a recognisable sound, players with good reaction speed can distinguish feints from regular attacks and therefore not be tricked by them, leading these players to enjoy the rewards from the style, which are the most consistent of all styles, without much of the risk. 

Forsaken's ability to parry any attack and retaliate with good damage can lead to heavily conditioning their opponents to feint attacks, often prefering to do so in place of attempting a mixup, as even in a 50/50 scenario with a mixup consisting of two visually similar attacks, the  risk reward is tilted towards the forsaken, with their punish dealing in many cases more damage than the average of the two attacks that consist the mixup. This can be exploided by the forsaken players themselves by simply attacking when they know a feint is comming. Fast hitting attacks can help for this matter, but with enough conditioning even guardbreaks can be used to interrupt a feinting opponent.

Forsaken does not replenish any meaningful amount of stamina, therefore Forsaken players tend to use light armor due to the higher stamina regen and the bonus distance and speed on the manual dodge, which they mostly use to disengage when low on stamina.  

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