Name Description
Fangli Noble Pants Strong linen trousers, split at the knees. An original cut that is useful on stagback - or in low combat stances.
Forest Dweller Pant Ceremonial attire of thick and solid wool, the number of folds indicates the role of the one wearing it.
Old Ceremonial Pants Coloered bands typical of traditional Ripa fashion; seems to have known better days and was probably worn by different users.
Orate Keeper Pants Usually covered by heavier robes. Unrefined but from solid fabric.
Shabu Guard Pants Large and supple trousers, worn by the Shabu Guard of the Orate empress. Low cuts don't restrict movement. Bands of fabric indicate rank and accomplishments.
Risryn Pants Tight leather, giving good protection for its weight.
Tear Chief Pants Heavy protection only worn by the strongest in the Tear. The beaten iron often bears the symbol of the Tear Clan of its wearer.
Tear Trapper Pants Basic trousers, with a tight weave to resist the grip of thorns.

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