Shabu Commander Pants 4.6 4.4 0.2 0.8 Red Fabric and ebroided patterns distinguish the Commanders from the rest ofd the Shabu Guard
Fangli Noble Pants 3.6 3.4 0.2 0.6 Strong linen trousers, split at the knees. An original cut that is useful on stagback - or in low combat stances.
Forest Dweller Pant 11.2 8.4 2.8 1.9 Ceremonial attire of thick and solid wool, the number of folds indicates the role of the one wearing it.
Old Ceremonial Pants 5.8 4.9 0.9 1 Coloered bands typical of traditional Ripa fashion; seems to have known better days and was probably worn by different users.
Absolver TrousersAbsolver Trousers 14.7 10 4.7 2.4 Tight leather, giving good protection for its weight.
Orate Keeper Pants 13 9.1 3.9 2.2 Usually covered by heavier robes. Unrefined but from solid fabric.
Shabu Guard Pants 4.6 4.4 0.2 0.8 Large and supple trousers, worn by the Shabu Guard of the Orate empress. Low cuts don't restrict movement. Bands of fabric indicate rank and accomplishments.
Tear Chief Pants 26 13 13 4.3 Heavy protection only worn by the strongest in the Tear. The beaten iron often bears the symbol of the Tear Clan of its wearer.
Tear Trapper Pants 5.4 5 0.4 0.9 Basic trousers, with a tight weave to resist the grip of thorns.
Essence Miner Trousers 4.7 4 0.7 0.8 A miner's garment of choice, made of thick fabric to prevent work injuries.
Uring Riding Pants 24 10.8 13.2 4 Loose pieces of fabric on the back and front of these pants were changed regularly, worn by the hide of beast and saddle.
Tear Gatherer Pants 13.3 8.5 4.8 2.6 Raw cotton exterior, padded with wool, Tearan gatherers wear them while foraging, to protect themselves against sharp rocks, spikey thistles and fanged beasts.
Tear Trousers 19.2 8.3 10.9 3.2 Stopping just below the knees, these pants are reinforced on the sides by bands of raw cotton.
Tribal Pants 20.4 16.7 3.7 3.4 Short trousers worn above boots. Bands of colored fabric are distinctive of the different Ripa tribes.
Oratian Priest PantsOratian Priest Pants 13.0 9.1 3.9 2.2 Usually unrefined, these pants have been embroided with golden patterns, probably to reward the Priests for their unwavering faith.
Prospect Trousers 4.8 4.6 0.2 0.8 Solid fabric with ample cut. Given to Prospect arriving in Adal in rags.
Forest Caller Trousers 10 8 2 1.7 Forest Callers mostly wear these pants during Gatherings: the intricate patterns are unique to each Caller, and tell the story of their life in the forest.
Tear Chief Torn Pants 25.8 7.8 18.1 4.3 What remains of the combat pants of a dead Tear chief after losing a power challenge. Right leg armour has been ripped off, but it still provides good protection.
Worker's PantsWorker's Pants 3.4 3.2 0.2 0.7 Linen trousers of simple fabric. Bound at the calves to traverse the flooded marshes of Adal.
Uring Knight Trousers 13.8   10.2 3.6  2.3 

 These trousers are mostly used in ceremonies, rather than in battle itself.

Fang Li Baron Pants 3.6 3.5 0.1 0.6 A refined version of the trousers worn by the Fang Li nobility, they are embroidered with golden threads.
Sea Guardian Trousers 9.1 7.5 1.6 1.5 The fabric of these trousers has been coated with natural asphalt, making them resistant to the salty seaspray.
Orate Leader Trousers 17.7 13.1 4.6 3 Some say an Orate Leader once decided to become an Absolver; it is more likely that they hid their gear in the Fold though?
Shaman Pants 9 7.2 1.8 1.5 Shamans Usually wear simple cloth trousers, but sometimes add an additional piece of fabric to them, to wipe poison from their hands - or blood from an open wound.
Ripa Warrior Trousers 17.6 9.7 7.9 2.9 Light fabric with an ample cut, for best freedom of movement. Tightened around the shins, to allow for additional protection when going on dangerous missions.
Forest Dancer Trousers 3.6 3.2 0.4 0.6 Simple trousers of raw linen, they are not meant to be seen under the rest of the dancer's attire.
Orate Chief Trousers 27.8 18.1 9.7 4.6 Oratian envoys travelling in the Tear were inspired by the Tear Chief impressive armors. They brought the design back to their homeland, but changed it to more noble materials.
Fallen Leader Trousers 21.6 14.7 6.9 3.6 Given to Orate Leaders who fell in disgrace after breaking court protocol. The flame patterns were supposed to be a mark of disgrace, but were actually a point of pride amongst rebel Leaders.
Adalian Carpenter Trousers 11.9 8.3 3.6 2 Simple functional garment for the workers of old Adal, with an apron on the side to wipe off the grease.
Essence Prospector Trousers 16.4 10.7 5.7 2.7 Heavy fabric with a slim cut, resistant enough to allow endless crawling in thin shafts, and tight to avoid getting snagged on sharp rocks.
Guide Scholar Veshti 8.2 7 1.2 1.4 Typical of Towerpoints's geometrical aesthetics, these trousers are made of multiple layers of triangular fabric woven on top of each other.
Guide Witness Trousers 9.4 8 1.4 1.6

Large pants covered by a piece of triangular cloth, extending all the way to the back.

Forest Healer Trousers 16.4 13.1 3.3 2.7 Sturdy trousers made of hemp growing in the Forest clearings, it has been decorated with circular motifs, similar to those described by Healers in their visions.
Karshi Leader Trousers 19.8 11.9 7.9 3.3 These trousers are covered by linen fabric for additional protection. They could ahve been inspired by those of Orate Leaders, whom the nomads visited often.
Tear Commander Trousers 17.7 11.3 6.4 2.9 Raw cotton exterior, padded with wool, they were originally designed for the Tear Gatherers but a refined version was adopted by Tearan Commanders.
Tear Tyrant Trousers 31.2 12.5 18.7 5.2 Fur tightly wrapped by leather strips, metal plates hidden beneath, they may be warm but they also offer great protection against attacks.

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