Shabu Guard Vest









Shabu Guard Vest is a type of Armor in Absolver.


Shabu Guard Vest Information


Low hanging but wide. Elegant enough to be worn in the Kahina's court, but the heavy linings of boiled leather also offer good protection.



Where to Find\Location




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    • Anonymous

      Just got a damaged version from a npc wearing it. They spawn in the tower of adal, but not only they are kind rare to spawn, they have a super low chance of dropping this coat.

      • Anonymous

        I just got a strange, yet admittedly cool looking one from a disk which was dark blue with a coat of green visible under it. I thought it was a texture bug or that the gear was broken, then I remembered the effect is also on Risryn's Tunic(black-red) and Jinn's gear(blue-red). I would also like to share that it is possible to get brown, green, and possibly dark gray variants from the appropriate Fallen, but they are rare mobs(at least for me) ontop of their drops being rare.

        • Anonymous

          As of 1.08, in theory, if you acquire the broken variant and repair it, you should have the regular version.
          I have yet to test this out, be patient.

          • Anonymous

            You can, just have to be patient, I'm combat trail level 350, I got it at 344. Right after I got it I killed a NPC that had it at the tower of adal and it dropped a broken version. I still don't have the full ready version, but the mid tier one. I'm missing the those straps on the arms.

            • Anonymous

              Coloured clothing can be found by in pvp and in pve so different colours other than black and green may be available

              • Anonymous

                So is this set green or black? In game, every Shabu Guard piece I find ends up being this sh*t green color

                • Anonymous

                  I can confirm I did get the Vest from the enemies wearing it. Those enemies sometimes spawn around the door that opens after you kill the 6 Marked Ones.

                  • Anonymous

                    Been farming the enemies in the tower of Adal for about 10 hours straight now. The ones that look like they are wearing this same vest. Ive managed to get all of their equipment except for this bloody vest. To whoever got it consider yourselves very lucky, and please confirm that i'm farming the right enemies.

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